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Why is a good Starcraft player the perfect startup worker?

Recently, we have somehow become more deeply involved in the topic of start-ups (this is understandable, because new projects occupy all our thoughts and free time), therefore we actively read everything that we write on this topic in our English-language sources.
And then came across a funny article. The author wrote it, reflecting on the StartupCraft tournament (Starcraft tournament for IT companies), trying to understand whether the gain in this tournament is evidence of the company's success in work or investors should give money first of all to those who lost (because they still besides Starcraft, they can). Without a doubt, the author is inclined to the first version :)


Under the cut the translation of this article

Why is a good Starcraft player the perfect startup worker?

Good Starcraft players are crazy about perfection.
If I were offered to choose the only required quality for people who work with me, I would choose the desire to become better. It is naive to think that people initially do everything well. You will not find such employees. But employees who are constantly learning and professionally improving - this is what you need.

Good Starcraft players watch replays to see where they did wrong and, most importantly, why someone managed to win. Time after time, they increase their skill to be closer to victory in each next game.

For a startup employee, such quality is vital. If all your employees also strive for self-improvement, like good gamers, then your team will always remain in great shape.

Good Starcraft players are good at everything.
In a startup, especially in a small one, employees should be able to do everything. For example, when I worked at EduFire, I never did what was written in my job description. We were all ready to perform the most diverse tasks, replace each other in difficult situations and do not what you can, but what you need.

Good starcraphers, in my opinion, don't care for whom to play. That is, they can win, playing for any of the three races, adjusting their strategy depending on that. I would not refuse employees with such qualities in my team.

Good Starcraft players know how to evolve
There are some players who prefer not to go far from the base and suddenly find themselves “locked” attached to their minerals. There are those who, on the contrary, seize too much territory and lose due to lack of resources. But good Starcraft players know when and where to expand.

A startup does not need employees who spray themselves in all possible directions (and therefore are less effective in everything they do) and do not need those who always sit in one place (and never do anything except that they are perfectly able). The team needs people who know where to grow and develop, and who can choose the right time for this.

Good Starcraft players say GLHF
GLHF = Good Luck Have Fun - wish good luck in the game. This is a good tone rule - say so. No company will refuse an employee with good manners who behaves with others as they would like. If there are people in the startup team who cannot get along with each other, then wait for problems.

Good Starcraft players know what micro is.
Micro control is a very important part of playing Starcraft. This means you need to use the minimum amount of resources so effectively that you can win even when it seems impossible. You just can not imagine that a good Starcraft player can squeeze out just a few units. Start-ups usually do not have enough money ... and, in general, resources are tense. Employees should be able to do a lot of things from nothing. Good strakraftery - real experts in this.

Good Starcraft players have a high rating.
Yes, that is right. Rating is the fastest and easiest way to show what you have achieved in the past. Most often (and thank God), choosing employees for a startup, do not pay attention to the resume. Pay attention to what the person has achieved. Rating is the most it. Each victory is a victory, and each defeat is a defeat, and no matter how you won (just like in the summary, if it says “increased sales by 25% in 2009”, then who cares exactly how?). Based on the rating of the player and the league in which he is a member, you can say a lot about him, and you can also understand the most important thing about a job applicant by examining what he has achieved and what he has created.

Good Starcraft players make quick, right decisions.
If you are playing Starcraft, you can not make the right decision quickly (for example, when to go ahead, when to apply a psi-storm or when to recall a crow), then you will not last long. Good players make decisions and act right now, despite all the attacks, buildings and units that enemies use against them. Instant reaction and decisive action in the right direction - these are the qualities that I would like to see in a colleague or employee, especially in a startup.

Good Starcraft players don't forget intelligence
In Starcrafte it is important to find out the maximum possible information about the enemy. But the trick is not to do just that. If you pay all attention to studying the enemy, then you will no longer have the strength (army, resources, time, etc.) to fight it. Startups need employees who study competitors, but spend most of their time developing their own project.

Good Starcraft players know when to go.
Sometimes, you lead a battle in which you cannot win. Good starcrafters know when it comes time to tell GG and leave, instead of waiting for the end of the game, which will still end in defeat. There is nothing wrong with leaving or leaving an occupation if you do it consciously. It gives you more time for things that are really important and can lead to success. Not everything that we do turns out to be right, so you need to at least understand when it is time to stop and look at something else.

Good Starcraft players have a high AWP
AWP - the number of actions per minute. The more experienced a player is, the higher is his AWP (this means he can follow a large number of things at the same time). Despite the fact that I prefer to focus on one task, in my work I need to strive for maximum efficiency. People with high ARM usually know all hotkeys and are well-versed in the game menu.

Most likely, such employees will be able to use all possible means to increase the efficiency of their work: they quickly type, they know hot keys, they find special applications for optimizing workflow, etc. Of course, each of these parts saves only a couple of seconds, but think about it how much time per week, month or year. Yes, such employees save a lot of time and are therefore helpful.

Good Starcraft players are interested in something other than work.
That's for sure ... at least they are interested in Starcraft. Nobody needs employees who work 18 hours a day and are able to think only about work (well, I don’t really need them). I like people with whom you can do something else, like playing Starcraft :)

Source: www.helloko.com

What do you think?

Do we agree with all of the above or not? Partially. The ability to work with minimal resources and allocate the main thing, instead of wasting energy on a deliberately losing option, is really important. Let's just say, the start-up team will not interfere with good Starcraft players. And we, as it turned out, there are such :)

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