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BookMix.ru - two years! The 731st day of the mission, hundreds of thousands of books, tens of thousands of participants, thousands of reviews ...

image True or false, true il nebyl, but the chronicles claim that two years ago, I quote, BookMix.ru social network appeared on the Internet, where a unique atmosphere was created to communicate with like-minded people. The new project is a network for fans and connoisseurs of books and is interesting to those who are looking for information about the latest literature, eager to express their thoughts about the books read and be heard ... "(c)

Yes, social networks are now mostly scary, so it's better to call the project BookMix.ru a club ... a book club. A club that is open to all comers around the clock or even so - “We lie down an hour later, we get up an hour earlier - we are waiting for you 26 hours a day!” (C)

About the project there were already articles on Habré and more than once, for habrovchan who are not yet familiar with the project, I advise you to familiarize yourself with the independent assessment here .
It was made exactly a year ago and allows the project participants to compare how far the project has gone in terms of ease of operation, the emergence of new services, audience growth, etc. For those who first heard about the project, will provide some background information.
BookMix.ru is growing and developing; two years is enough for an Internet project to go into the category of working and bringing some benefits, which it does.

The task of the project is to convey to the inhabitants of the country of the planet of the universe that reading is useful, and paper books are still worth being!

BookMix.ru thanks in advance for habrovchan for the possibility of promoting this idea to the minds of the masses, notifying friends who are not averse to reading about a project where you can always relax culturally, get fresh information from the world of literature, talk and just have a good time.

BookMix.ru happy birthday and every success! Read books - this is useful!
Are you still reading books ?! :)

UPD: The first quest book quest is launched on the project. You can try your hand at literary knowledge by guessing books using various signs and hints. As a prize, the winner will be provided with a good certificate from one of the good online bookstores.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104254/

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