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About Privatbank and Privat24

You have just received an SMS with the text of the type you transferred such and such amount to the account **** 0006, the payment code is this or that, if the amount does not match, send the SMS “ALERT” to the short number.

And I did not translate anything anywhere. Thought divorce grandmother. It turns out - no, this is my bank Privatbank sent, and not only to me: “These messages came to your phone erroneously. We apologize for any concerns. ”

Privatbank is generally a very interesting bank.

Real banner Privatbank

Now after entering Privat24 (online banking service) it is proposed to fill in the questionnaire:
Survey: Telecommunications Operator
Dear users! We ask you to take part in the survey:
What is your carrier?
The irony is that the entrance to Privat24 is based on the mobile phone number, which makes it clear which operator (saving the number when changing the operator is only planned, as far as I know).

Why do you need it? It can check how honestly users answer their questionnaire questions. But, most likely, everything is so arranged that it is very difficult to determine programmatically from the available data - it is easier to interview users.

More interesting vacancy Privatbank. Salaries there, as far as I understand from indirect data and fragmentary information, are much lower than market ones.

Now in Privat24 you can see such a banner (2010 is in the yard):

Clicking on this banner, you can find out the requirements for a person with the responsibilities of "development and support of privat24 service":
- Higher or incomplete higher education with a degree in a programmer (or adjacent to it);
- experience of programming in Java2EE, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS;
-the ability to learn;

Those. students (but with work experience of 1 year) are quite suitable for developing the online banking system of the largest commercial bank in Ukraine.

In addition, Privatbank needs C ++, PHP, Perl, Java programmers, “just programmers” (Java, J2EE, EJB, SQL, HTML, XML). And even Lisp programmers. And Privatbank conducts workshops on Erlang (programmers on Erlang have already been found, apparently).

Not many languages ​​- this is certainly not bad. Still, this is not a software company, but a bank ... I wonder why they need Lisp programmers? Here it is a sin for me not to promote my project - progopedia.ru : there are still many different programming languages ​​described, maybe other vacancies will appear ...

About competition from the largest commercial bank of Ukraine with the main prize of $ 200 have already been written on Habré - habrahabr.ru/blogs/pay_sistem/85208 (and a lot of interesting things ).

In general, I think almost every client of Privatbank and the user of Privat24 can tell about “interesting” points related to them (welcome to comments).

But even with all these “interesting” moments, Privat24 still works and offers a number of unique services. I don’t know anything better or even such a level in terms of online banking in Ukraine.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104233/

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