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Collective travel together is more profitable

You have probably seen sites that offer collective bargains with discounts. They prove to us that by making purchases together, we get the benefit. I recently got the idea of ​​collective travel.

I will begin, perhaps, with prehistory. I study at the institute, it takes a long time to go to it by minibus. Yes, and they go bad, what can we say about the convenience on the road. And so, on the eve of September 1, my inquisitive brain began to think how to get to the institute as quickly as possible and more pleasant. It’s not yet possible to buy my car, and there are no fellow travelers with personal transport. Taxi is too expensive. So I thought - what if you ask at the regional forum, for sure there are car owners who travel from my area to the institute to work, etc ... It’s profitable for me, since I get good transport and car owners since I am willing to pay the cost of gasoline or by agreement. I posted a post and began to wait for results. And what is surprising, literally a few days later, a girl responded, who was driving straight from my street and to the right area. After a bit of discussion, we agreed on the details and now I’m quite profitable, driving the way I need in an excellent car and in a good company.

Now about the very idea of ​​the project. Search for followers on the forums is not very convenient, so if there was a service that was honed for just this - it would be much more convenient. Types of travel should be divided into: 1-permanent, trips to work, to college, etc., 2 - one-time, this is a trip to the sea, to another city. For this, I think, it is enough to create a website where passengers and drivers will be able to create applications with the specified parameters. Users must have a sort of rating so that you can know in advance with which person you will meet and avoid unpleasant situations.
Passengers also benefit from this service, as they are able to comfortably move around and car owners, as they can pay back the cost of gasoline, which is also nice. And also it will give the opportunity to meet and communicate with new people. In addition, it will be possible to unload the city, since often one person drives in one car, and so the use of transport will be more efficient.

I do not have the time and sufficient knowledge to implement the project, but if there are enthusiasts, then I will gladly join the team and make every effort to make the project successful.

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