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A game in which you need to design the work of traffic lights

Somehow, going from one end of Taganskaya Square to the other, I thought that in order for the intersection to be effective, you need to intelligently think about the work of traffic lights (taking into account pedestrian crossings), which is far from the simplest task.

In this connection, the idea of ​​creating a game, a timekiller, arose in which the work of traffic lights is proposed to be thought over to the player: calculate the time of work, interconnections, modes of operation. At the same time, this is all tied up at the time of day (on the traffic flow).
I think it would be interesting.

There were several similar games on this topic. For example, a game in which you need to turn on / off traffic lights for speed, so that the cars have time to pass through and do not crash - but it quickly becomes boring. Well, a few games on physics - in one you need to build bridges, in the other - towers, then press the “test” button and see what happened - it was quite interesting and fascinating. There are quite a lot of games from this genre and they are quite popular.


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