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Swan, cancer and pike: ViewSonic, IBS and Sberbank

I want to tell a story that should be obviously short, but instead turned out to be quite long. ViewSonic monitor crash history.
The following is a simple but unfinished instruction on how to return money for a broken monitor.

So, the ViewSonic VX2435wm monitor was purchased at Sunrise at the end of 2007.
At the end of 2009, near the end of the guarantee, it broke down.

Step 1. The monitor is given to the service center. At the same time, by phone they say that the cables need to be brought, “if there is”, after bringing the monitor without cables, they are still being forced to bring them.
Step 2. We are waiting.
Step 3. The monitor will be repaired by the service center, a certificate is issued that you need to contact the store.
Step 4. Remembering the news, we understand that Sunrise has been closed, and its director, who is in prison, is nowhere near monitors. We appeal to IBS with a statement about changing the service center. Statement promise to be considered six months .
The next 16 steps after habrakata.
Step 5. After 3-4 months, the service center changes to IBS and they offer as a replacement a monitor that has completely different characteristics than the original (matrix TN, instead of VMA, aspect ratio 16x9 instead of 16x10, price 8 thousand rubles instead of 20) . Since such a replacement does not seem equivalent, we refuse it. We receive the offer on replacement by 23 inches, we also refuse, for the same reasons.
Step 6. Since there are no 16x10 monitors in the current line of ViewSonic monitors (and the monitor with this ratio is convenient for work, not watching movies), the question of money back arises.
Step 7. Again we go to IBS, we write an application for a refund. We attach to it all the documents on the purchase, etc. We attach a printout of details from Alfabank.
Step 8. We are waiting.
Step 9. When it turns out that the scan scans in Vyusonika lost, scan again, send.
Step 10. We are waiting.
Step 11. The refund is approved. Ask for account details. Namely: IBAN, SWIFT, name of the beneficiary's bank, beneficiary's name. We are trying to find out the details from Alfabank, we find out that they do not work with the IBAN format.
Step 12. We receive from IBS a recommendation to open a currency account in Sberbank.
Step 13. I open an account in Sberbank, at the same time asking for the details in the branch, at the same time requesting them on the website. The name of the bank is indicated as “Savings Bank” on the bank of the branch, and the IBAN is said to indicate the account number.
Step 14. Payment does not pass.
Step 15. Call the bank. They say on the phone that in the IBAN, you need to add RU to the account number at the beginning.
Step 16. IBS doesn’t know if the payment was made, they ask whether the money has come.
Step 17. We go to the bank (Sberbank hardly has internet banking, they still issue savings when opening an account, and they don’t even offer a card), we find out that there is no money.
Step 18. 2 weeks after the request, we receive a written response from Sberbank to our questions, which indicates that the name of the bank is SBERBANK (and not Savings Bank), but about
IBAN write:
At the same time we inform that the format of the beneficiary’s IBAN account, which includes the BIC of the beneficiary bank and the beneficiary’s account number, is used for transfers to European countries. It is possible to transfer funds to the beneficiary in Sberbank of Russia OJSC by specifying the 20-digit number of the beneficiary's account.
From what it is not clear what to write there, but since there comes the BIC, the first 2 options were incorrect.
Step 19. Correspondence with IBS grows to 35 letters.
Step 20. At the moment, IBS advises to open an account with Raiffeisen.
Step 999. PROFIT!
In general, I may be wrong in something, but the country's largest bank does not know its own name. "The leader of the information technology and consulting market in Russia" is the first time to return the money for a faulty equipment (otherwise I don’t know what can explain such advice on choosing banks), ViewSonic is also great, they can’t transfer money to a Russian partner who calmly took them.

The story drags on for 9 months in total. If the monitor was not worth 20 thousand, but 4, it would be worth doing it at all? And how much time did the employees of the above companies spend on this story, how much salary did they receive during that time, and what was the efficiency of their work?

It is also interested in how legitimate it is to return money in dollars to an account, instead of ruble cash with which the monitor was paid. I don’t understand why on the territory of the Russian Federation to settle with a private person in foreign currency.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104213/

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