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How I did a Russian computer complex with two screens

In the light of the discussion that has unfolded in the comments to the post about the " Russian smartphone on Android, " I will talk about how I did the Russian computer complex with two screens (RVK-DE).

I took a motherboard designed by American and Taiwanese engineers, released in Taiwan, using Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese components.

In it, I patriotically stuck a processor, designed by American engineers from the decaying west, and released, it seems, in Malaysia oppressed by the Yankees. Pre-rubbed it with Chinese or Taiwanese thermal paste to remove the filth of NATO imperialism.
In the neighboring holes, I nanotechnology stuck the memory about the same lineage, as well as a video card, designed by Canadian engineers, and made in Taiwan. Again, using Chinese element base.

Hefty body and power supply, if not mistaken, released in China.

A monitor made in the Czech Republic was designed by the capitalist engineers of the backward United States of America, and the South Koreans made the matrix for it, if I'm not mistaken, despite the fact that for many years they were torn off by insidious Yankees from the wise leadership of Kim Il Sung.

The second screen is nanotechnologically connected to the motherboard and is made using liquid crystal technology. It provides the possibility of patriotic monitoring of the temperature of the American processor of the Russian computing complex and the temperature of its other Taiwanese parts.

The main motherboard of the Russian computer complex with two screens (RVK-DE) with a second screen connected is ready for installation of the processor.

A hard drive designed by accursed imperialists, compiled, it seems, on the same Taiwan, took over the operating system, as well as the rest of the software, written under the guidance of American developers by a friendly team of oppressed Indian, imperialistic American and damn-knows-any other programmers.

I will especially note that the software for RVK-DE was purchased on the territory of Russia.

Russian letters inside the main monitor RVK-DE. Foreign letters are also supported - we do not want to lose the American market!

Most likely, I have repeatedly confused the origin of certain components of the Russian computing complex, but this does not matter.

That's how I made the Russian computing complex with two screens, both of which are already working!

He is not ashamed to be shown to Medvedev, and to connect to a Russian smartphone with two screens and an android, and expose the installation of a Russian operating system.

By the way, the letters on the screen of the Russian computing complex are also Russian, which once again testifies to the success of our nanotechnologies, despite all the wiles of the orange plague.

Dear users! Due to the fact that nanotechnologies are very small, I can’t find a slot for the patriotic introduction of the GLONASS chip. The installation of the GLONASS chip and the application of Russian letters on the case are planned in the next version.

Please tell me, what would you like to see in the next version of the Russian computing complex with two screens?

Will one GLONASS chip be enough for us? Should I continue to support x86 capitalist architecture?

Perhaps it is worth adding a third ultra-high-definition screen for modern non-electronic nanotechnology, which we recently saw in a prototype of a Russian smartphone with an android and two screens?

Is it time to support the domestic manufacturer of hard drives? Should I completely switch to Cyrillic, given that the domain. RF is already available?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104209/

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