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Do you feel sorry for 5 cents for D'Artagnan?

This post is the result of a small count inspired by this comment . The main question in my comments above was whether people become greedier depending on capital growth. It looks like it is.

PepsiCo's revenue is about $ 6 billion a year, that is, $ 500 million a month. $ 25,000 is 0.005% of this amount. We take for an average salary of a CIS citizen $ 1000 dollars (although not everything is so rosy, even for capitals, and even beyond its borders ... :) 0.005% for those who have this salary will be 5 cents. Do you feel sorry for 5 cents for any charity (assuming your salary is $ 1000)? Personally, I do not. I do not encourage rogue, if this fellow is fully fit for work, but I always give at least all the little things out of my wallet to a sick or old man in transition. And if it is a singer or musician? Or a writer collecting money for the publication of a book? Or those guys who want to record a classic to make it publicly available? Do I really feel sorry for 5 cents?
Of course, there are a lot of “petitioners” sticking to Pepsi and I won't give everyone 5 cents either. But this project is not a stupid divorce, for which Pepsi paid $ 1.2 billion. . It is not only about charity: participation in such actions, IMHO will raise respect for the company. And this is not a monthly, this is a one-time payment. It is strange that the advertising department misses such simple ways to promote, at the same time throwing millions into the same contextual advertising.

Maybe I have an irresponsible view on finances, but personally I hate it when personal savings are built on calculations like “penny saves the ruble.” He saves, nobody argues - but then money is already a cult and I don’t see anything good about it.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104207/

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