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Photory.me - the story in the photo


This summer my friends and I made a little trip. As usual, a lot of impressions and emotions that I wanted to share. Therefore, I began every evening to upload photos taken during the day, accompanying them with comments. Where to lay out a special choice was not - contact. It can be treated differently, but there is the highest concentration of my friends. The publication process was inconvenient. Yes, and viewing is not pleased: small photos "by default", all photos are the same size, etc. Therefore, I decided to write a service for myself.

So was born Photory.me .

Idea and implementation

The main idea was to present the stories in the form of a single page, with large photographs and texts. The editor is WYSIWYG, which repeats the browsing interface, with the exception of small details. The thought was born, and I rushed.

The creation of the service itself took 5-7 days. Most of the time was spent on selecting and finishing various galleries, panels and inline editors. On the face it turned out jQuery with 5-6 plugins. On the server, who would doubt Limb .
Key points:

And now about the main thing

What's next? Now the service is used by me and a few friends. In order for them to be used by the masses, it is necessary to fix a handful of minor bugs for IE and Safari. But is it worth it? Suddenly nobody needs it.

Actually this post I want to find out - is there a need for such a service from a wide audience?

UPDATE: An example of history - This is Rostov, baby! Part 1 of 3 .

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