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Microsoft does issue licenses to use its software for free.

This topic , published today, mentions that Microsoft is going to support Russian public organizations, issuing licenses for free use of its software to those who use pirated versions of software giant programs. In general, it is not very clear how and in what way, and to whom free MS production programs will be issued. More clearly the information is given in the official blog of the company, in a post published yesterday.

As it turned out, a special license for free use of software will be issued not only to public organizations, but also the media - and this is done so that non-profitable public organizations do not suffer from the anti-piracy raids in Russia. In general, the corporation has long granted the right of any non-governmental organization to install up to six different software products on a PC (up to 50 machines). In general, a great opportunity, with a head covering the needs of most organizations. The trouble is that few people know about such a possibility, and this is not only about ordinary organizations, but also about human rights organizations, who seem to be obliged to know all this.

In addition to non-profit public organizations, various media will also receive the free bird of happiness software. To obtain a license, you do not need to go anywhere, it is issued automatically. The license is valid until 2012, and at the end of the period the license can be extended. Microsoft asks organizations and the media for problems with anti-pirates to go directly to the company's office, which will help prove the legitimacy of using such software.
In general, a very interesting move of the corporation, agree. By the way, the decision to allocate free software was made after The New York Times painted a search at the office of the environmental protection organization. The company is called “Baikal Ecological Wave”, and its activists protested against the launch of the ever-memorable pulp and paper mill, located on the shores of the deepest lake in the world.

Immediately an anti-piracy raid was carried out, as a result of which the company had very big problems - “anti-pirates”, of course, discovered a lot of counterfeit software. At the same time, Microsoft employees did not want to intervene for environmentalists.

Well, now the possibilities of the fighters against "piracy" has become much less - and this is good news.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104195/

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