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Lies, big lies and antiviruses. Part Three "This is business, baby!"

Well, all such inert- and users , and journalists . But why do major anti-virus vendors offer nothing new to consumers, in fact? Are they anyway?

Maybe it sounds strange, but for large manufacturers of protection means these are just a means of doing business. Someone produces and sells Coca-Cola, someone - antivirus. And there is no difference between these business processes.

These are small manufacturers of protective equipment, inexhaustible enthusiasts, operate with such concepts as “reliability of protective equipment”, “adequacy of the threat model” and, maybe trite, but “professional pride”. Major manufacturers operate with only one term - ROI. ROI is the “return on investment”. If you have invested in the production of a signature scanning engine, you must first return the money with a profit, share it with shareholders, top management, and only then, maybe, do something or buy something new.

And the opinion of a single consumer does not care about anyone here, and the pliable majority is so intimidated that they can be made to believe in the reliability of anything. For example, fake antivirus. They look like antiviruses, they scan like antiviruses, they extort money like antiviruses. That's just not protected from anything, rather, on the contrary. And you know what? Even without the support of advertising in the media, they are selling well. Just play a little on fears to the death of an intimidated person –– and row the money with a shovel.
Want one interesting example? In 2005, Kaspersky Lab integrated a behavioral blocker into its product line. At that time, it was not in any antivirus. And just a couple of startups (CyberHawk, after purchasing PC Tools'om ThreatFire, the company is currently part of Symantec Corporation, and Sane Security Promary Response Safe Connect, bought by AVG), unsuccessfully trying to get into the press and into the masses. In five years, by 2010, all those startups were bought up by larger players, their software products were integrated into the current product lines. Not having a behavioral blocker in my antivirus became a move. Break into the masses of those startups before they bought, and did not work, by the way. People simply did not understand why they need “another antivirus”. Even if free.

So it turns out that if you need something innovative right now, you will have to buy it from startups. And if you trust only the "big names", the major manufacturers of protective equipment, then you will have to wait another five years, until the current investment discourage them with a profit. This is business, baby!

PS The next article of the cycle is in a week.

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