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Bright IT event of the year!

On a beautiful autumn day, September 11, an informal conference of IT specialists, IT Jam 2010, was crowned with success in Kharkov. The meeting was held at a decent level and received a lot of positive feedback. The format of the event was pleased with the large-scale audience coverage and the variety of topics presented. More than 1200 people came to IT Jam and they were guests from all over the world - from different regions of Ukraine, from far corners of Russia and Belarus, there were even guests from Australia and the USA.

In parallel, presentations and discussions on current topics in the areas of Mobile Development, WEB, PHP-development, Databases, and .NET, SilverLight, Windows Phone and other products from Microsoft were held in 5 zones at once. Useful and interesting information here for themselves and experienced developers, and quality experts, and held project managers, and the younger generation of IT-Schnick. According to reviews, the theme of Pavel Rim’s “Trends in application development for Facebook & vKontakte” caused a stir.

In addition to reports there was a place for recreation. In one of the recreational areas, fresh reviews of the event were broadcast on Twitter. In another, a gadget was created, where domestic manufacturers delighted with budget iBooks, and Samsung representatives with the latest developments from Google Android - before being released into mass production Galaxy Tab for the first time surprised the jammers. And in the third zone for recreation, the PS3 championship took place in an exciting interactive battle between Soul-alibur and Tekken 6. Entertainment and knowledge acquisition were successfully combined in the Agile Business Value Game , which was led by well-known Scrum practitioner Tim Evgrashin and allowed more than 70 participants to pass in the game mode, the various stages of software development, present yourself in the role of the customer and evaluate which strategies and solutions at different stages of development allow you to maximize the benefit for customers.

This year, IT Jam was also a social event, during which there was an appeal to the participants to show professional solidarity and provide all possible assistance in raising funds for the treatment of Vladimir Levchuk and for the purchase of an artificial respiration unit for the Ahmed medical center. The event ended with bright performances of IT musicians at the IT Jam Music Session.
We are glad that everything turned out at a decent level, it was truly teamwork. We consider it important that we were able to loudly say that Ukrainian IT specialists continue to develop and are actively involved in the course of events in the high-tech market. For you - the future of our country and the improvement of the image of Ukraine in the world.

IT Jam - Meet & Mix! A non-profit project, designed to promote the development of expertise in software development, to highlight the latest trends in information technology. It takes place on an annual basis. It carries the format of an informal conference, where IT specialists meet to exchange experience.

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