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Looks like the HDCP master key is hacked

While the MPAA is preparing to offer housewives to watch licensed films at home, instead of going to the cinema, the HDCP protocol they are hoping for seems to be hacked.

All devices that support HDCP (Blu-ray players, various TVs, etc.) have their own set of keys to encrypt and decrypt data. And if the keys for a particular device are compromised, then in the future you can release a movie that will not play on it. But recently, a post appeared on Twitter that hackers allegedly found a master-key that allows you to create your “source” and “sink” keys.

It is not known for certain how and who calculated this key, but in 2001, security specialist Niels Fergeson suggested that this is possible if you get the keys of 50 different devices .

HDCP hardcore rippers like HFfury2 and DVIMAGIC have been around for quite a while, and various AACS cracks make it easy to rip Blu-ray discs, but if this information isn’t a duck, then it will allow you to copy anything on the fly as long as HDCP standard exists. And various human rights organizations will banish torrent releases of perfect uncompressed HD video :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104175/

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