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Microsoft will support Russian public organizations with free software

In the next topic, Novikov describes the horrors of using copyright "to combat dissent and political repression," which The New York Times wrote on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the very next day, (that is, yesterday), " Microsoft officially announced that it would not give the Russian authorities the opportunity to use it as a" victim " , writes the blogger ksonin ," the Russian unit is prohibited from participating in raids. Moreover Those public organizations and mass media that may be suspected of using unlicensed software will, as I understand it, receive a free license for all Microsoft software they use. "

In short, melkomyagkie harness napalm on domestic lawlessness. Microsoft's quick and humane response is good. However, the New York Times does not decree to the native justice - the world scandal with the recognition of Daimler about 5.2 million euros of bribes paid to the Special Purpose Garage ignored us.
A brief conclusion from this story: a foreign commercial organization turned out to be more honest and principled in relation to people than its own state.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104170/

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