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Opera 10.70 (Win / Mac / Linux | 9046) September 8 and 13

So, there was a new test build of Opera browser with new functionality and an impressive list of fixes. News on the developer blog here and here . Also, do not forget about the new competition from Opera for developers from the former USSR. There is also great news, the development team of the desktop version of the browser has grown by 9 people. Also, there is support for the standard Big5-HKSCS

Hello. In the assembly of September 8, we want to introduce you to a new mail panel. And something else…

Post Panel :
With the help of the new mail panel you choose what and in what order to display. Do not need "investments"? Hide them. Want your IMAP account to be at the top? Drag it, etc. In addition, you can create folders to organize your mailing list or news channels, it will suit users with a large number of them. You can also choose in any category (for example, attachments, tags, channels, etc.) which items to display and which not.

If we talk about the channels, now using the panel, you can easily navigate in them, without the need for numerous mail accounts. Until you create an email account, the panel will contain only your news feeds from the toolbar and context menu.
Other changes are the automatic appearance of the mail panel whenever you switch to the mail tab and automatically return to the previous state of the panel when you switch back. In addition, POP accounts received Inbox and Sent folders.

This is the first stage of work on the mail panel. The second stage is currently underway and you will see improvements in the user interface for filters / tags / search, support for the OPML import / export folder, a more pleasant interface specifically for the Mac, and improved work with several accounts. So stay tuned and let us know what you think about the first stage!

Other news :

in the assembly of September 8

Known issues :

Fix list

Cross platform



Linux / FreeBSD



in the assembly on September 13

Known Issues

Fix list

Linux / FreeBSD


Download (9046) :

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