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Moscow City Duma proposes to prohibit torrents and penalize users

Just in the program “25th hour” (TV Center) there was an interview with a deputy of the Moscow City Duma Milyavsky. He said that he was introducing a bill on the complete prohibition of torrents as such, i.e. In general, all, not just pirated files. In addition, he proposes to prosecute citizens who buy pirated discs.

However, one of his proposals surprised me a lot. I will focus on it a little more.
Not so long ago (you remember this story: [1] , [2] ) webpublishers.ru (these are not copyrights, these are our friends!) Offered to buy copyrights from authors for money and transfer works to the public domain .
Milyavsky also proposes buying copyrights from the budget and posting all works on the Internet. But this is naturally not enough, perhaps Milyavsky simply does not know what the public domain is or does not understand that simply putting it on the Internet is not enough.

UPD : Here's the video .


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104165/

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