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Toast on Programmer's Day

image Yes, I understand that I was a bit late, but still, I would like to once again congratulate all of us on this excellent occasion to recall the peculiarities of our work.

The profession of a programmer, as in general, any research profession (geologist, biologist, astronomer, mathematics, ...) is to be separated from ordinary, human habits. Agree, it's not so easy for the average person to see the beauty in the smooth columns of the assembler code, in the architectural features of the new language, in the drawing of the class diagram, made hastily on a piece of paper in the checkered box. Here is their own world, their own laws, their own passions and their heroes, which can be completely ordinary people in real life. Just like geologists, programmers renounce people and ordinary life for the sake of research, for the sake of knowing something new, it is unknown, to be there first, to touch it with your own hands, and then, when hundreds of other people come to this place, silently go on. But unlike the researchers of the depths of the earth - the code digger does not need to go far for this; in real life it remains among us.

I remember how I was hooked on the movie "The Matrix". He very accurately conveyed the double life of the programmer: during the day you are a simple person who does the usual things and helps the concierge take out the garbage. And in the evening - completely different, which knows how to make the soulless nature of a computer speak, sing, dance and even cry! As a demiurge, pouring the soul into the vessel of the human body, the programmer animates the cold metal, breathes life into it, using his own special magic known only to him.
Believe me, I do not at all diminish the importance of other professions, not at all! Designers, artists, marketers, designers, and even vainly contemptuous managers are important! All I want to say is: despite the fact that modern software is moving towards simplifying the user interface, soft lines and rounded corners, behind the backs of managers and individuals in the advertising and marketing department, there are programmers, invisible toilers who create a world that everyone else will see only tomorrow.

And every time I come across a new problem, I’m not saying that it’s too tough for me, that I cannot decide it, that I am still too young or that the technologies are still too weak, no! I'm looking for, looking for books, articles, pieces of information, looking for guesses, logical chains and solutions. And as soon as I find it: I don’t hide them, but distribute to people and move on to the new and the unknown, because, as Google rightly noted at one time, life is a search! Search for new questions and new answers, and maybe, in the midst of all this, search for yourself.

On the clock the last minutes of the two hundred and fifty sixth day are two thousand and ten, and I raise a glass for us, my colleagues, friends and like-minded programmers! Let your every task end with a decision, and the search itself never stops! For us!

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