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World masterpieces of classical music without copyright

Despite the fact that such recognized classics as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Sibelius have lived for a long, long time and their works have not been subject to copyright laws for a long time, it is almost impossible to find their great music distributed freely. That is, if you want to use Beethoven's 9 symphony as a soundtrack, to reproduce excerpts from Tchaikovsky's symphonies at any event, you still have to pay the money to the copyright holders of the recordings that you will use.

And the problem here is that in order to put classical music in the free domain, it is necessary that someone recorded it and abandoned their exclusive recording rights. And since an orchestra is needed for recording, this creates some financial difficulties: a whole orchestra and a crowd of sound engineers are unlikely to work for the idea.

Fortunately, there were enthusiasts from the Musopen project who were able to organize a fundraiser with the aim of hiring an entire orchestra, record the immortal classics and lay it out in the best quality under the license of CC0 , that is, in fact, for unlimited use.
More than 41,000 dollars have already been raised, although initially the organizers counted on only 11 thousand.

Donate some money, as well as get acquainted with the action can be on the official page . The fundraising will end on September 15 at 6 am Moscow time, that is, it remains a little more than a day and you need to hurry those who wish to help.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104155/

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