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Hewlett-Packard buys ArcSight


Today, HP, which is known to all of us, announced the purchase of a major developer of network security software. We are talking about the company ArcSight, which HP acquired for a half billion dollars. The purchase was made in order to start working in a partially new area for HP, offering customers new products. I will note that ArcSight was practically not mentioned at all on Habré, although it is indeed a very large developer of software for monitoring and detecting network threats. Software from ArcSight is commonly used by both private companies and government organizations.

HP paid for ArcSight even more than it actually costs - after all, last Friday the company's capitalization was $ 1.2 billion.
This is not the first such major purchase by HP this year and even this month. The fact is that in early September, 2 numbers, HP acquired the company 3PAR, for which Dell also fought. The cost of this company during the auction increased to 2.35 billion dollars, which is even more than the amount paid for ArcSight.

It seems that now many of the major players in the IT market are trying to bite off as large a piece of cake as possible, trying to occupy all new niches. But only in April of this year, HP made another major acquisition, buying Palm for 1.2 billion dollars. A good buy, especially considering that HP also got the mobile webOS operating system.

Interestingly, now large IT corporations are making similar acquisitions that stand side by side in the time interval. For example, only in August, Intel bought MacAfee for 7.68 billion dollars, and HP acquires a company the same month with a similar focus, although, of course, there are differences.

In financial terms, HP, too, seems to be doing well. Recently, vice president of investment, Steven Fayler, said that such a purchase does not weaken the company and does not deprive it of a portion of the operational space - all because HP has a good reserve, which goes to such acquisitions. The same Steven Fayler also said that the company can afford such purchases thanks to the control mode for its own financial flows, and feel quite comfortable.

In general, a lot of big deals were made this fall, and in fact only two weeks have passed. In general, it remains to wait a bit, and we will see what new products can offer us HP.

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