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How is copyright used in political struggle

Anyone who asks in PM: after getting this post on the main one, it was moved to a closed blog, and it was not me who did it.

As I said, the 146th article became a tool similar to throwing drugs and ammo into the pockets of citizens. Now, copyright is used to combat dissent and political repression.

I especially recommend to pay attention to this phrase: " During raids, police have been put out removing Microsoft" Certificate of Authenticity "stickers on confiscated PCs ".
Do you understand what this means?

And, of course, sources:

BoingBoing: Russian cops use excuse for pirated products

The New York Times: Russia Uses Microsoft to Suppress Dissent

I predict the next step: they will record child porn and extremist materials on the computers being withdrawn. Do you think this prediction will come true soon?

Addition: Yes, you do not engage in political activities. But what if you just have money or a small business, and not far from now you find a cunning and greedy silovik in uniform and with a crust?

I remind you that tomorrow you will have the last opportunity to comment on the new law “On Police”: zakonoproekt2010.ru - read and fuck off what they can now do with you, your property, your home and your business.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104145/

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