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About raised floors in the data center

Good day to all habrazhiteli.

This post is dedicated to raised floors in the data center with a description of photos and characteristics.

On Habré, and indeed throughout the Internet, many articles have been written on the topic of data centers, their types, selection questions and other features. I sinned myself, I know. But nowhere, well, if only briefly, did not touch the issue of raised floors in the data center, therefore ....
I will fix it on the example of e-Style Telecom data center.

From words to photos:


The server data center is divided by hot and cold corridors. In the hot corridors go out the rear walls of server cabinets. Actually, they are called hot because the heat that was spent by the servers enters these corridors, and there it is warm.
The air from the hot corridors with the air flow enters the air conditioners, where it is cooled and removed back into the cold corridors.
The photo is just a cold corridor server. If you take a closer look at the floor, you can see that it is not easy.


Sex with holes. Perforation ensures proper air circulation for cooling equipment from air conditioners. That is, for the benefit of the system of precision air conditioning.

Look under the floor.


As can be seen in the picture, the server data center has a system of 2 floors: the main and the raised floor. Equipment in the server room is located on raised floors, and under them are:
Temperature control sensors with high accuracy (up to ± 0.1 degrees);
Potential equalization and grounding sensors.
The space under raised floors also serves to circulate and supply air from air conditioners to the cold corridor of the data center.

The safety of equipment depends on the conditions in which it is located.
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