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Raffle prizes for the Day of the programmer!

REG.RU Company congratulates all programmers on the holiday! On such a wonderful day, we could not please the users of Habr. We propose to solve at the speed of several light tasks - the most nimble will receive valuable gifts. Which presents? You decide for yourself: it can be any of the services of REG.RU , for example, domain registration in one of the popular zones , hosting or VPS at a selected rate for 1 month! Exceptions are Dedicated servers and SSL certificates.

Everything is very simple:

- We set the tasks one at a time and vigilantly monitor your answers.
- We are waiting for your answers in the comments to a specific task.
- In your comments, indicate which prize you want to receive, for example, “Answer: 33 donut. I am changing bagels to a .NET domain ”;
- As soon as the correct answer appears, we declare the winner, close the draw for this task and post a new one.
- Tomorrow, in the first half of the day, all the winners identified by us will receive a unique code from the internal address, activating that in the Personal Account on the REG.RU website, they will be able to use the selected prize.
Problem number 1.
The programmer decided to have dinner with fried cutlets. In the pan can simultaneously fry two burgers. Each cutlet must be fried on both sides, while frying it on one side takes 2 minutes. A busy programmer wants to quickly fry three meatballs and finish the program. What is the least time it takes?

Solve the first problem, but for now we will prepare more.
Good luck!

UPD: Tasks are over. Thank you all for participating! List of winners:


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104143/

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