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GoDaddy.com is for sale

The Wall Stret Journal blog reports that the world's largest domain name registrar, Go Daddy Group Inc. put up for sale by its permanent head and owner Bob Parsons after 13 years of development. For owning a company that manages more than 43 million domains, private firms will compete in the auction. People who know best where the wind blows here believe that the final price could reach $ 1 billion.

Interestingly, GoDaddy never went IPO. And now Bob Parsons wants to transfer the company in one hand. I think that almost everyone who used the services of GoDaddy, this company was remembered for the personality of Bob and the atmosphere created by him. What will happen next - it will be interesting to follow this.

GoDaddy.com is known for its eye-catching advertisements featuring female Go Daddy Girls models, including professional racer Danica Patrick and other strong American women. GoDaddy commercials are actively spinning on TV and on such expensive venues as the US Super Cup. In many ways, probably because of this, the company is head and shoulders ahead of its closest competitors. According to various sources, in 2009 fiscal year, GoDaddy earned from $ 750 to $ 800 million.

In addition to domains, GoDaddy customers can purchase a wide range of services for creating, maintaining and promoting a website, corporate and personal mail, file storage, online office, etc.


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