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18 ways to like the site optimizer

The site is a tool for profit. And the most optimal tool to make a site bring in proper profits is website promotion in search engines. But these lessons are not about how good or not a good tool can be website promotion. And how to prevent serious mistakes and not create obstacles to achieve results in finding your site when ordering a site, when using the site and when planning the development of the site (or profits from the site).

These lessons are for those who are not a SEO optimizer. But is the owner of the site or is related to the profits that the site should bring. Therefore, we have prepared lessons in various formats (video and audio) and we hope that it will be convenient for familiarization.

1. The effect of the number of pages indexed.
2. The effect of outgoing links
3. The effect of text uniqueness
4. The effect of redirect
5. Influence of the domain name
6. Impact of registration in the Yandex Catalog
7. The influence of the region
8. Influence of CY and PageRank
9. The importance of site visibility in search
10. Importance of domain age
11. Impact of external links
12. The effect of duplicate pages
13. The influence of the same title and meta descriptions
14. Impact of proper navigation
15. Impact of errors in HTML code, Flash, JavaScript, AJAX
16. Impact of information
17. Impact of similar resources
18. The impact of the budget advertising company

Lessons will be helpful in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your site.
We will be glad to hear your feedback and wishes.

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