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Brainstorm before Startup Weekend

On September 25, from 10.00 to 16.00, a week before the second Startup Weekend , the Brainstorm will be held in the building of the State University Higher School of Economics (Pokrovsky Blvd., 11).
Last time, 8 ideas came from the brainstorming to Weekend, 4 of which immediately found a team, attracted experts and now continue to work and bring the idea to the prototype .


4 thematic groups of 10-15 people will work at the nearest brainstorming:

Each group will have a professional moderator, and at the time of discussion and selection and ideas several experts will join the group.

Brainstorm should come if you want:

Registration for the Brainstorm is open from 13.09 to 17.09 .

Our brainstorming partners are Image Staff , a consulting company that specializes in facilitating creative sessions, brainstorming, strategic meetings, corporate events and discussions.

Attention! Limited number of seats.

To get to the brainstorm, you need to answer 5 questions during registration and wait for an invitation by e-mail.

The teams will be formed by independent professional coaches who conduct Brainstorm. The teams will get people from their different fields of activity, with different work experience and different interests.

You will receive an invitation letter no later than 09/21/2010.

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