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Herman Klimenko does not want to invest "losers"

The $ 10 million Social Space Fund investment fund was formed a month and a half ago to finance Russian developers of the Facebook App. However, the fund manager Herman Klimenko admitted the other day that during this time he had not found a single suitable startup.

“We received 40 applications, 39 of which were game. At the same time, the developers wrote to us about the following: we have already made ten games for other social networks and are ready to make the eleventh for your money, ”said Klimenko and added that there is no point in“ investing losers ”.

The attitude of German Klimenko to “professional startups” is well known. He had previously expressed : “Most startups are complete idiots who believe that investors are assholes.” It is obvious that in such an atmosphere it is difficult for the parties to establish business contacts.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104120/

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