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Microsoft congratulates on the Day of the programmer!


We continue the tradition of celebrating the main IT holidays and today we congratulate all those involved on the Programmer's Day! Gifts under the cut.

Symbol of the day

As a symbol of today's holiday, we have chosen a programmer who can easily curb the bug and knowing the answer to the Main Question. Together with the system administrator, they make up a colorful couple.


Congratulations with the hash tag #msdevday are broadcast on the main page of Microsoft , MSDN and TechDays sites :



Russian MSDN also got a new design, added development scripts to the functionality: web development, development of cloud, mobile and desktop applications:

We will be glad to know your opinion !

Broadcast PnP Summit to Smooth Streaming

For those who for some reason did not manage to get to the Summit “Patterns & Practices”, the site hosts an online broadcast, which for the first time in Russia uses Live Smooth Streaming technology - the picture quality is adjusted in real time to the channel width.

Free electronic versions of books

Until the end of the year, we will release for developers electronic versions of two books translated into Russian. Books "We program Windows Phone 7" and "Transition to the Visual Studio 2010" are written by leading experts. Today, the first chapters of books are available for download, you can download them by clicking on the picture:
image image

Taking this opportunity, I want to remind you of the upcoming Developer Day of Windows Phone 7 , which we are holding in Moscow at the end of September. Do not forget that pre-registration is required.

Traditional cake

Thank you boomburum for the photo of the "live" cake:


Some cakes left in user groups and on Habr

Happy holiday to you!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104115/

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