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Boris Bobrovnikov: IT business today by itself

In the volume of the post-link all thoughts did not fit, because a separate message. I present an interview with Boris Bobrovnikov, the founder of KROK, to the court of habrasoobshchestva. Of course, PR service final text slightly brushed, but even so, the tone of the speech is quite visible - the Russian IT business does not believe the state and lives according to the old soldier’s law - away from the authorities, closer to the kitchen. Also, the forecasts of IT leaders regarding Skolkovo - “Potemkin village” - have not been named by this project yet, but there is not much noticeable optimism about the project. The idea itself, however, is recognized as quite sensible.


Boris Bobrovnikov: “Today the state is in itself, the IT business is in itself. Of course, the share of government customers, as in any other country, remains very significant. I think this is about 30 percent of the total market volume. In addition, in the past year or two, the state has launched a number of IT business initiatives, but, paradoxically, the IT community has hardly affected these initiatives. ”
Full text of the interview on the link . You are welcome with comments.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104108/

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