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Happy Programmer's Day


Programmer's Day is traditionally celebrated on the 256th day of the year. The number 256 is chosen because it is the number of numbers that can be expressed using one byte. In leap years, this holiday falls on September 12, in non-leap years - on September 13.

We all chose this profession differently. Someone came out on it by chance, someone chose specifically, but now we all work together on one common cause: we are creating the future. We create excellent algorithms, make these gray boxes work, work and work again, giving people new professions, opportunities for self-expression ... Giving people the opportunity to communicate with each other, earn a living ... We create for people a microcosm that they lack. Indeed, thanks to our profession, new and new works of art, created in graphic raster and vector editors, appear ... Thanks to our profession, masterpieces of three-dimensional graphics are created. We!!! Yes, it is we who accelerate business for business! We accelerate accounting calculations, make the dollar exchange rate change !!! Whether it is a virus writer or a programmer of children's toys ... Each of us has changed someone's life ...

And every person who wants self-expression can buy a computer and use one of the many programs that we wrote in order to be happier. Thanks to everyone who created this profession!


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