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Switch from Windows Mobile to Android. Application list

Practical experience of transition from WM-communicator to Android.
The next list of Android applications with links and a brief description.
Everything described below is the subjective opinion of the author and does not claim to ultimate truth.

Preamble : after three years of coexistence with a Windows Mobile-based communicator, the moment came when WM began to seem like a creepy, clumsy and crooked monster. The communicator was used very tightly: calls and SMS, of course, but this is not the main thing; mostly - reading books, daily navigation in Moscow traffic jams, web-surfing, mail, contact storage, scheduling (and not only) working time using the Calendar (left Task), Notes (including handwritten graphics), correspondence IM, VoIP calls, ssh. Moreover, Contacts, Calendar and Notes are constantly synchronized with MS Outlook on the desktop computer (BB) and laptop via USB and Bluetooth. The necessary data was constantly available both on the communicator and in the workplace and on the home laptop, and I didn’t want to refuse this when switching to another platform. My choice fell on Android. Open modern platform and all that. Close to the soul of the programmer.

Over the past two months after the purchase of HTC Wildfire, I have formed a list of programs for me through trial and error. This was achieved thanks to multiple installations and uninstalls of various software, including of dubious quality and from dubious sources. A side effect was the instability of the communicator - partial freezing every 2-3 days. It was decided to hard reset, format the flash drive, re-fill the necessary applications, as previously conceived.
At the same time, it was decided not to use MS Outlook (HTC Sync was used to sync with Android) and completely switch to Google services. The only thing that I lost with this transition was synchronized graphic Notes. But it is difficult to write with a finger on the screen, it is not a stylus, so I had to accept it.

Switch from Windows Mobile + MS Outlook to Android + Google

1. Created a Google account.

2. Export Contacts from MS Outlook in the format of a “file with data encoded in Windows and with comma-delimited delimiters” and then import the data from the file into Gmail contacts. Photos of contacts had to be transferred by handles.

3. Export of the Calendar from MS Outlook in the format of a “file with data encoded in Windows and with comma-delimited delimiters” with the subsequent import of data from the file into Google Calendar. There is a problem with the export of the Calendar: due to limitations in the file format, it is almost impossible to correctly export recurring events, such as birthday. I would advise you to export and import events of the same year (for example, from September 2010 to August 2011), and then edit cyclical events in the Google calendar, assigning them the necessary period and duration of repetitions.

4. MS Outlook notes are more complicated. If there are a lot of notes and they are heterogeneous, it is better to postpone their export-import until installing and configuring Memento on Android (see below), which will create tables in Google Documents that can be imported in one way or another. For example, you can merge all notes into a table and export it one-time to Google Documents.

5. A complete copy of the communicator flash card to the BB hard disk has been created.

6. The hard reset of the communicator was made as follows: turn off the “Power” button; holding "Volume Down", press briefly on the "Power"; on the screen that appears with the help of "Volume Down" go to the item "CLEAR STORAGE"; click "Power"; then click “Volume Up”. After downloading, you should respond to the standard start dialog (language, turn on WiFi, Google account settings). It does not hurt to check for updates for the operating system (Android 2.2 should appear soon) by doing the following: “Settings” - “About phone” - “System update” - “Check now”.

7. The formatting of the flash drive has been done: “Settings” - “Device memory” - “Remove memory card” - “Clear memory card” - “Format SD card” - “Erase everything”.
If your device is connected to a network (WiFi or GPRS / 3G), then you can make sure that Google’s Contacts and Calendar are already on the phone and ready to go. In the application “Contacts” I do: “Menu” - “View” - I select only “Google”, i.e. I do not use contacts from either the SIM card or from the phone’s memory. Only contacts from Google Mail, in order to avoid confusion when editing contacts on your device.

Application installation

The programs I needed were installed mostly from the Android Market, some from third-party sources. To enable the latter, the following was done: “Settings” - “Applications” - “Unknown sources” - a check mark - “OK”. The following is a list of installed and used programs.

1. AndroZip . File manager. No comments. Installed from the Android Market.

2. Barcode Scanner . Barcode Scanner. Designed for downloading applications from the Internet using graphic links (QR code) from the monitor screen (see android.mobile-review.com/market/87 ). Installed from the Android Market.

Hereinafter, some applications that are not in the Android Market will be provided with QR links. To download applications, launch Barcode Scanner and direct the communicator lens to the QR code, after reading the code, click “Open browser”. After downloading by the browser, the apk-file with the application is placed in the directory ./sdcard/download/. We go into it using the AndroZip file manager and select “Install” after the tap on the file name.

All of the following QR-links are sent to the forum site w3bsit3-dns.com, which, unfortunately, requires registration. After registering in the forum (http://www.w3bsit3-dns.com/forum/index.php?act=idx) you should log into it from the communicator and log in (enter your login and password).

Online QR Code Generator is here: qrcode.kaywa.com

3. AudioManager Pro . Adjust the volume of everything and everything. Pro versions have saved profiles. In the Androd Market posted a regular version (without profiles and with advertising). QR link (use Barcode Scanner) to the Pro version:

4. RingRiser . The application organizes a gradual increase in the volume of the ringer / alert signal, which is not in the device by default.

5. HarassMe . The application allows you not to miss important calls, even when the ringing tone of the phone is turned off. With a certain persistence of the caller, of course (for example, 3 calls in a period of less than 3 minutes).

6. Quick dial . Quick contact call by icons - contact photos. The screen holds 3x4 photos. Associated with the button "Phone". Instead of a contact, you can link an application to any of the 12 buttons, for example, the standard “Phone” - to search for contacts and “View the call log”. Completely replaces the regular "dialer".

7. Timeriffic . A very convenient application - creates device profiles (for example, night, morning, drive to work, work, drive to work, weekend), control volume, turn on WiFi, and airplane mode and switch them on by timer.

8. NetCounter . Traffic control (day / week / month broken down by WiFi and GPRS). Installed from the Android Market.

9. Task Tray . Convenient program to switch between running applications with the possibility of killing them. Long tap on the button "Loupe" - call the list of applications. Short tap on the application icon - go to it. Long tap on the application icon "kills" the application.

10. WiFi Manager . Allows you to assess the situation in the WiFi-radio and connect to one or another network. Installed from the Android Market.

11. Beautiful Widgets . Widgets on the screen. 7 single: WiFi, GPS, BT, Plane, Silent, Vibrate, Brightness. Last (Brightness) does not work on Sense, so you have to use Dimmer (see below). Two large ones: 4x2 and 4x1 - with the clock, weather and date and many skins available for download and installation. Many settings. Must be in the Market, but I did not find. Here is the Russian version:

12. Dimmer (Night Mode) . Turn on / off one-touch night mode. Installed from the Android Market.

13. Multicon Widget . A widget that allows you to place 4 application icons in a single 1x1 screen cell. Installed from the Android Market.

14. TheCurrency . Exchange rates. Russian language. Update from the Internet, a calculator for conversion. Installed from the Android Market.

15. Copy To SIM Card . This application is used to delete contacts from a SIM card, to copy contacts to a SIM card. Russian-language contacts are not recorded on the SIM-card, so I clear the list of contacts in the card, otherwise some applications will display empty lines in the contact list. Installed from the Android Market.

16. MyBackup . Data backup. I have not yet seen the benefits of the application, but I put it in any case and even launch it. Swings from Market. Pro version here: w3bsit3-dns.com.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=131457

17. FBReader . The only current reader of books in .fb and .fb2.zip format. Does not read a zip file with multiple fb2 files. It does not have a file browser (in the settings it requires you to specify the name of the directory where the books are located). The library organizes by name, not by the names of the authors. And the rest - everything is fine. Installed from the Android Market. There is a custom version of the reader with a file browser and the ordering of authors by name. Not supported in mainstream. Located here:

18. Moon + Reader . Reader for txt, html, etc. It is installed from the Android Market.

19. Memento . An application for working with notes. Installed from the Android Market.
It has the ability to structure records and synchronize with Google Documents. A very useful application for those who are accustomed to using Notes in combination with WM + MS Outlook. To create an analogue of Notes, I created a library in the application called Notes. I used a custom template, the format of records is two elements of the type "String" with the names "Title" and "Text of the note". Enabled linking of this library to Google Documents. After synchronization, a new “Untitled” element appeared in Google Documents as a table. Renamed Untitle to Zapiski, voila.

20. Gdocs . A very simple, yellow leaflets and catalogs program from WildArt for working with Notes. There is synchronization with Google Documents. Installed from the Android Market.

21. KeePassDroid . The program for storing confidential data (passwords, credit card numbers, etc). Installed from the Android Market.

22. Yahoo! Mail for Android . Work with your e-mail account on Yahoo.com. Installed from the Android Market.

23. Meebo IM . Instant Messaging Client. I use for ICQ. Installed from the Android Market.

24. Nimbuzz . Very versatile and promising application. IM and VoIP in one glass. I use for voice calls on Skype. I have ICQ, but I don’t use it - Meebo is more convenient for me. Unfortunately, it does not work with sipnet.ru yet. Installed from the Android Market.

25. Sipdroid . I use for voice calls to ordinary phones via WiFi-Internet. As a gate I use paid sipnet.ru. Quality suits. Installed from the Android Market.

26. AndFTP . FTP / SFTP / FTPS client. Installed from the Android Market.

27. Android Terminal Emulator . Shell Installed from the Android Market. Ruta, of course in WildFire yet, but still ...

28. Meridian Player . Music player. Used instead of the regular due to the presence of a file browser. Installed from the Android Market.

29. Yxplayer . Video file player. DivX, for example. Installed from the Android Market (trial version) or from here: w3bsit3-dns.com.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=142335

30. Andro Radio . Listening to internet radio stations. Installed from the Android Market.

31. WorldScope . View thousands of webcams around the world. It is possible to choose the closest from the current position (GPS). Only a photo, without video. Installed from the Android Market.

32. Battery Graph . View battery charge-discharge graphs. To assess and optimize energy consumption.

33. Ru.Metro . Metro map with laying route. Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kiev, Minsk, Samara, St. Petersburg.

34. Compass . Compass. Maybe in the forest it will be useful, and in the concrete jungle it is unlikely: there is a lot of iron around. Installed from the Android Market.

35. GPS Test . The application allows you to see a list and some data available GPS satellites. Just for information. Installed from the Android Market.

36. Yandex.Maps (Yandex.Maps). Without this program , traffic jams in Moscow are nowhere. Daily used program. Installed from the Android Market. For Moscow, you can additionally download a city map with a single file narod.ru/disk/19029454000/moscow.zip.html and unzip it on the communicator USB flash drive in the \ yandexmaps \ cache directory to avoid stalling the program to download the current map fragment.

37. Navigation . I tried Navitel - everything is fine, but the voice guidance stutters on the route, it's unpleasant. Put iGo - quite a useless program - traffic jams do not take into account, turn warnings are late sometimes; to highways, yards do not know. I'm experimenting with CoPilot now. Impressions while muddy.

38. Toys . Solitaire, Tetris, Break the Blocks Full, Bubble Boobles, Jewels, Angry Birds. Not a connoisseur, in general.

In conclusion, I recommend periodically backing up your data from Google’s online services to a local disk. To avoid.


Colleagues, the article was written and sent to the Sandbox in September 2010, and was published only today. The information is outdated , I no longer use many of these programs, and new ones have appeared, of course. At the moment, after one and a half years of using Wildfire with Android, the list of programs I have installed is as follows:

Quick profiles
Cool reader
ES Explorer
Yahoo Mail
Meebo im
My docs
GPS Test
WiFi Manager
joyCallBlocker Lite
Ring raiser
SMS Backup & Restore
Fines of the Russian Federation
Yandex maps

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104100/

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