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HTC Desire vs. Wildfire

First wanted to make a review of Desire. But it turned out that I delayed the review, and Wildfire, his younger brother, was already released. So, I decided to talk about both models, and then compare. Both communicators are worthy rivals, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. I will try to consider all aspects so that the “battle” is the most objective.

There will be a lot of photos. Ready?

Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, I have more Desire and more information and photos (since this is my personal phone), so the review part will be more than Wildfire. C it will begin.

HTC Desire

Since I myself bought this phone, he, of course, has a box and all the accessories.
Therefore, let's start from the beginning. With packaging.

It is made simply and with taste. White, pleasant to the touch. Madly reminded Apple device boxes.

Well, we open! Well, exactly, like when I opened the iPod, the device is on top, and inside there are all goodies.

Pulling out the phone, immediately under it we find the battery. Everything is done very carefully and pleasantly, great!

As for the communicator, then removing the cover from it (which, by the way, does not slide in any way, but simply clicks), we find a microSD card on 4Gb. A pleasant surprise, I completely forgot that it is included. By the way, not in all phones the cards are supplied with the device, so you have to go after it separately if you forgot to buy.

We insert the battery pulled out of the box into the phone. Simka and a card can not be pulled out without removing the battery. Maybe it's for the better, but there is no hot swap.

Finally, close the lid. The device is ready to work, it remains only to turn on.

Press once the button on the upper end and wait.

While it is loading, we can talk a little about the characteristics and configuration.

I think of these TTX much becomes clear immediately, but I still continue.

So equipment:

Each accessory is packed in its matte case.

Ruthlessly tearing all the bags, got just such a picture. It has become much clearer what is where.

* Branded lollipops "Chill" and the English adapter I took the USB network in the HTC office, they are not in the box, so do not swear if you don’t find them when you buy Desire.

Well, our “desire” (transl. Desire - desire) has awakened from a long sleep and is ready for interaction. But first, let's look at it from all sides.

image Design

Front part. 4 buttons and one trackball. Buttons: home, menu, back, search. A trackball is actually a laser mouse laser and a confirmation button. That is, it is a touch joystick, it can not be moved, it is enough to hold your finger on it. A handy thing for precise pointing at the element when surfing. I remember that somehow someone wrote an angry post that the trackball in Desire is not centered and that is why he did not buy the communicator. You know, it absolutely does not bother me, the main thing is that it is convenient. And in the center or not ... so what's the difference? There are 4 more asymmetrical buttons of different sizes.

Below are a microphone and a microUSB port. And although microUSB is still not a very used format for charging connectors, it is gaining popularity. Unlike Wildfire - here this port is well located. But why and why read on.

The right side is “pristine” clear of all sorts of buttons.

But on the left is the "rocker" volume. There is one not very pleasant minus, the sound of the phone and the sound of multimedia are two different things. That is, if you turn off the sound in the phone and start the game, the sound will still be in it =)

On the back of the phone there is only a peephole of the camera and a flash that works as a flashlight. In the version of Android 2.2, the flashlight has become the official app. Also, there is a speaker in the back. I can rate his work only on 4, because the sound is a bit quiet and noisy, but, probably, this is normal for phones.
But on top there is a universal 3.5mm headphone jack and a power button and a screen backlight.

As for the screen of the device, now there are two versions: Amoled and SuperLCD (TFT). I got caught with Amoled and I am very pleased. TFT screens have slightly lower contrast and therefore the colors look somewhat dim, but everything is better seen in the sun than in the Amoledovskys.

To get a little more orienting in size, here is the Desire next to Kodak PlaySport

Perhaps on this you can stop looking at external beauty and go to the inside.

image Insides

1 Ghz processor allows HTC Desire to be multitasking. This is very useful when all update notifications arrive in the background and can be either viewed or cleared. On this processor will go any games. They say they even launched NFS Shift.

Capacitive screen Amoled gives high clarity, good color. Screenshots below. Everything looks that way, just a little less.

The 5 megapixel camera with autofocus allows you to take pretty decent pictures. Sorry, there is no stabilizer, because the slightest shaking and everything is smeared. Professional photo is unlikely to be made, but with some soap dishes, I think this camera can compete. Moreover, there are many settings.

Desire has all the communication capabilities: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA. Unless, there is no infrared port. 3G is also present, but it will not be possible to use video communication due to the absence of a camera on the front panel.

As is known from the TTX, in this communicator is the Android OS. A progressively developing system, I would say. Initially, there was version 2.1, but you can already upgrade to 2.2. One of the important updates to 2.2 was the ability to install applications on an SD card.
The advantage is the presence of Adobe Flash Player, which allows you to view videos and even use Flash applications.

In combination with HTC Sense, the company's proprietary interface, everything looks like this:

Of course, everything can be configured, install additional widgets, etc. In this sense, Android provides many possibilities.
And a few more screenshots:

As for standard applications, there are not so many of them, but they are almost all useful. The rest can be downloaded in the free Market. Fortunately, there are thousands of them.

So, default applications:

Well, of course, there is a calculator, calendar, news, etc.

As you know, many applications use the Internet, so you need to take care of the tariff in advance. Or disable the transfer of data in the background, but then it will not be possible to receive notifications about new messages or news.


image Design
image Ergonomic
image operating system
image AMOLED display
image Intuitive interface
image All communications
image Android Market
image 5 mpx camera

image Low Battery Capacity (1400mAh)
image High spending on the Internet

HTC's flagship fully met all expectations. 1Ghz processor, bright Amoled screen, synchronization with all services, Android. In general, what else to dream? It turned out you can dream. The battery sits very quickly. Literally, with 3G turned on (and it puts the battery on faster than Wi-Fi), the phone sits in 6-8 hours. Therefore, you have to carry a spare acc. But, if you are ready to sacrifice some features, but get a similar phone, but working longer - Wildfire is for you!

HTC Wildfire

Unfortunately, I got a “bare” sample on the test, so I can’t say anything about the box or the set. But I think that it is the same as in “Desire”.

As you can see, he is almost twin brother Desire, but still, there are differences. Let's take a look at TTX.

image Design

Small, ergonomic communicator. Good in the hand.

On top of the 3.5mm headphone jack and on / off / backlight button.

On the back is a speaker and a 5mpx camera.

Touch buttons and trackball

image Insides

Screen communicator QVGA (240x320 pixels). I think this is not enough for a device of this class. But see for yourself. (I could not remove the screenshots, because the computer refused to see it)

The processor is only 528Mhz. It seems to me that this is not enough, because When you open more than 5 applications, it still starts to slow down. And perhaps it also depends on the amount of RAM in 384MB.
Alas, in version 2.1 of Android you cannot install applications on a memory card (if you don’t do Root). Therefore, you have to limit yourself a bit.

Camera 5mpx shoots as well as in Desire. Not that very good, but not 0.3mpx, though. It smears a little, a little indistinctly, but in general, as it should photograph a phone.

The rest is a clone of Desire, I think once again to rewrite the same text does not make sense.

Oh yeah, Android is also worth, only 2.1, while you cannot officially upgrade to 2.2.
Already installed applications:

Well, in general, the same as in the older brother. There is a radio, application sharing, flashlight, calculator, maps, etc.

The battery, albeit 1300mAh, but holds from 1 to 2 days. This is very cool, because do not have to charge every day (and even several times a day). Perhaps this is one of the biggest advantages.
By the way, if you do not turn on the Internet and do not call, then in 4 days I spent only 30% of the charge.


image Design
image Ergonomic
image operating system
image Intuitive interface
image All communications
image Android Market
image 5 mpx camera
image Holds a long charge

image Too grainy screen
image Low CPU Power

In fact, all the same advantages as Desire, only the battery holds longer. As for the cons, this is someone like that. For me, they are critical, someone will be important more time.

And finally, the comparison itself:

Desire vs. Wildfire

Well, well, here comes the moment to push together the “Wild Fire” and “Desire”.

Let's start by tradition with appearance.

Compare the size of both devices with iPod Classic

The buttons at Desire are hardwired, unlike the touch buttons of a brother. I believe that the buttons should be buttons and should be pressed, and not respond to touch. Of course, there is a vibration recoil, but this does not compare with pressing a metal button. But then again, an amateur.

As you can see, the screens are completely different. The quality is better on Desire and it can also be seen with the naked eye. Well, in size at Wildfire it is smaller

On the side, they are almost the same in thickness and in the presence of the “rocker” button.

Behind everything is also similar, except that Wildfire has a design with a wide stripe of a different color. And the speakers are on opposite sides

In Wildfire, the battery closes both the SIM card and the USB flash drive. Desire does not close, but as already mentioned, there is no hot swap.

Batteries are almost identical. But thanks to the smaller screen size, Wildfire holds the charge longer.

Comparison of TTX




Display diagonal3.73.2
Display resolution800x480320x240
Body materialMetal and plasticMetal and plastic
OSAndroid 2.1 (2.2)Android 2.1
GPSthere isthere is
Waiting time360690
CPU frequency1000 Mhz528 Mhz
Pricefrom 17,950 to 25,990 rubles.from 12,880 to 14,590 rubles.

Comparison from Yandex.Market can be found here .


So, I personally think Desire is better than Wildfire. He wins from him in many ways, ranging from the resolution and quality of the screen, to the processor clock frequency. The only time in which Desire is inferior to Wildfire is the capacity of the battery, or more precisely, the run time. So, if you need a phone on Android, which will last about 2 days without charging, then the choice is obvious. If you want to enjoy a good image, a large screen, hard buttons, fast work, then Desire is for you. There can be no objective opinion, everyone chooses for himself. I tried to give all the information so that those who wanted to make the right choice.


Those who have already purchased Desire, I want to advise 2 ways that will help extend the time.

1. Use a spare battery and cradle.

Such a thing will help charge both the phone and the spare battery at the same time. It is also convenient because can be connected through it to the computer. By the way, this is where the question arises about the comfort of the location of the microUSB connector in Wildfire.

Thank you olyapka for telling me that such people exist.

2. Many lovers advise to do wipe phone. Allegedly, after that the work time increases. I myself have not tried, so I can not vouch. I read on w3bsit3-dns.com. If someone did, I will accept feedback and suggestions.

3. Using a high-capacity battery (2400 mAh). Enough for 1.5 days of active use. But the phone becomes 2 times thicker.

Thank you for reading to the end!
If you have questions, ask in the comments. I will try to answer.

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