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Vanity: a community for advertisers

On the topic of the community - I will try to promote. Last week, they launched the project Vanity: a creative blog about advertising , which some flashbacks will cause to the local audience. It does not look like an independent site, but rather is a "habrome for advertisers."

The objectives of the project: to create a community of operational discussion of advertising news, creativity, to help the advertiser in solving current problems and to help keep abreast of current trends and creativity. Existing advertising sites (sostav.ru, adme.ru, advertology.ru) have more fundamental functionality and they are, rather, advertising portals, rich in various types of information. We focused on the news. I want to check how such an idea can be interesting to the audience.

From the interesting implemented functions (maybe this is the difference from Habr):
1. convenient uploading images to a resource
2. Substitution code Youtube and Vimeo players
3. affixing links and announcing them in a style similar to Facebook
4. auto-update pages to new posts and comments (almost like in Friendfeed)
5. autocompletion of community content (supported by Flickr, Yandex. Photos, Youtube and Vimeo)
6. Full-text RSS feed
Technical features: PHP + MySQL with dbsimple, nginx, jQuery, Smarty.
The project was developed within two months by one programmer / layout designer and manager / designer.

If you do not want to go to the site - you can simply subscribe to the RSS feed on the main page , and there you need to understand whether you need it or not.

Found a bug: with a certain combination of login and password, email registration does not work. We promise to fix it promptly. We will be grateful to everyone who writes about the errors found on the site.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104080/

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