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My minimum set of applications for Android

Once I was driving from work last week, I was sitting in the internet from my mobile phone, and I realized that enough was enough - it’s time to buy a communicator. Especially they have never been interested and not fond of. In general, nothing special, and did not know. I went to the first store and bought HTC Hero. Many then scolded me, of course, why did Hero take it, I had to take Legend or Desire, and so on, but since it was my first communicator, I had something to do with the Hero and play around.
Here I want to publish my set of programs that now stand on my HTC. I tried many different ones, and here are the ones that I liked from those presented in different categories.
1. Since I surf a lot via gprs, then 3G Watchdog . The program to control Internet traffic, it is possible to set a limit on traffic for a certain period of time, when approaching which, the program will issue a warning. There are widgets.
2. To monitor the running processes now using the Advanced Task Killer , I do not really like this program. I would be very happy if you advise something better.
3. I liked the Aldiko application for reading and downloading books. Nice interface in the form of a bookshelf, it is convenient to find books in various categories. In general, a pleasant and convenient reader. True, I don’t know if there are any books in Russian, as I read English.
4. Naturally, I installed appInstaller - to install applications downloaded in advance from an SD card, again it’s convenient when there is no WI-FI on hand and I save traffic.
5. arcMedia - to watch the video - as long as all the formats that I downloaded onto my SD card - were successfully opened. This is flv, mp4.
6. Camera 360 Pro - for snapshots of photos with various effects - there are many comic effects, for example, made a snapshot, and there is a ghost on it. An interesting program, you can play.
7. vRecoder - record phone calls. Records well and me and the interlocutor. You can configure which numbers to exclude from the recording, after what time no conversations should be recorded.
8. I use Twitter client - Twidroid is convenient and easy.
9. Md Music - audio player, while temporarily set. I would also like your advice - which one is more convenient to find out?
10. The first day after buying the phone I almost didn’t sleep, because while I was playing with it, the sound level accidentally dropped to zero, in order to get rid of the accidental sound change, I found such a program - Volume Locker .
11. With toys for android somehow I have no luck at all, that I will install, it is not very interesting. I was looking for something from quests and casual games, or a good strategy. And I would like something like Heroes on android.
As a result, I have stopped at such
- Puzzle Blox Arcade helps to kill time - destruction of nearby single-color cubes.
- Little Shop Traveler is a beautiful toy, we travel around cities. In each city, just looking for items in the picture.
- Brain Challenge - really liked this toy, a workout for the mind. At the same time, she first launched - did not like it, thought oh, how easy it was, then more and more new tasks and levels began to appear, and got involved. Various mathematical and logic problems.

Here is a review I did for 3 days. Now I am looking for a good file manager, a manager of running processes, and an audio file player. I will be glad to any advice and recommendations. Plus, is it really so bad with Android toys? Or I did not find?

And I would like to hear your minimum set of applications on Android in the comments.
Shl. Now I use this file manager - ESManager Thank you.

2. A few days later I will correct the article according to the comments. And I will make a set most often by all used applications.

ZY3. At the moment, there is such a list of applications www.appbrain.com/user/samozvanka/apps-on-the-phone Thank you all for the tips!

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