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HTC Desire: Trouble-free “OTA-update” to Froyo without WiFi / 3G connections

Recently, with the filing of Google, HTC, Motorola began to practice OTA-updates of firmware. Theoretically, a similar method of firmware updates is obliged to make life easier for users, since updating a smartphone no longer requires computer participation, after the update all settings, applications, and much more are saved. However, in practice there are often difficulties.

So, if you for some reason do not come out to update your smartphone Over The Air, there is a second, quite legal way to flash your pocket friend. The method of flashing the phone using an SD card is used by the SC to restore the broken phones.

First you need to download a signed zip file from HTC servers:
The resulting file must be renamed to update.zip and copied to the root of the microSD card (via phone or card reader). Make sure that the internal memory of the phone is at least 25 MB free.
Next, you need to enter the phone in the HBOOT bootloader . To do this, turn off the phone, then hold down the Power + Volume Down buttons and wait until the phone shows the following menu:

In the bootloader menu, select the Recovery item (navigation using Volume Up / Down, the choice is Power). In Recovery mode, press the Power + Volume Up keys and see the following menu:

Select the item Apply sdcard: update.zip and follow the instructions. After rebooting, your phone will receive a full-fledged Android 2.2. If your phone starts to behave in an unpredictable way - you need to perform a full wipe through the Recovery Menu. The proposed method is completely legal and does not void your warranty.

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