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Vibration column Ritmix

When I posted the following picture on Twitter and asked the people what it is, I just didn’t get any answers. They answered that it was a joystick, ashtray, stand, some indecent assumptions. When I said this - many were shocked. Therefore, I will tell and show you about this alien-looking device. (This is a true column!)

Under the cat a lot of photos and even video

In fact - the title says it all. This is indeed a column, but unusual: its sound and power depend on the surface and the size of the surface on which it stands. But let's do everything in order.

Here is such a small box, in which there is a “miracle”.

Open the cover and here it is, the device itself.

But as you understand, the column can not work itself, without power. Therefore, on the right, in the box is an adapter with a volume control, from which 3 wires go. Wire with plug for 220 ~, power cable for speakers and 3.5mm. wire to connect any audio device. (Initially, the wires, of course, lay more neatly, but first of all I pulled out and listened to the column, and only then I began to photograph)

In addition to these things, there is nothing in the kit, not even instructions. After all, this is not necessary. Everything is intuitive: one wire to the outlet, the other to the column, the third to the player.

The characteristics of the device is not much, but they still have.


The design of the column is very interesting and pleasant: a white stand, a silver oblong column in a plastic casing. It is he who creates the vibrations that are transmitted to the surface and make sound.

Here is the column below. Rubber gasket for better adhesion to the surface and a metal disk to transmit vibrations.

Sound adjustment is made on the adater using a special wheel. In general, the design is very nice and interesting. As he said at the beginning of the post, almost no one guessed what it is.

The dimensions of the column and adapter are equal, and to make it more clear, I bring in photos from the iPod Classic . That is, it is about 10 cm in height and 8 cm in diameter.

Its price ranges from 700 to 1100r. I think this is very, very good for this kind of device.

But let's still talk about the sound, because this is the most interesting.


Having thought carefully, I realized that it would be silly to tell about the sound of this thing. Firstly, because everything depends on the surface. Secondly, it is still necessary to listen, and not to tell. Therefore, I tested the column on different surfaces and recorded the video. By the way, the loudest sound is obtained on large computer desks. The best part is that the sound comes from the whole table and it turns out that it envelops. And also, there are powerful bass from vibrations. Perhaps this is one of those cases where I can say with confidence that there is partly a “warm tube sound” (especially if you listen in a wooden cabinet without things).

Alas, all conversions and shooting on a mobile phone made the sound much worse, but you can understand the principle. Still, the best sound on the tree.




+ Compact
+ Design
+ High-quality sound
+ Originality
+ Bass
+ Price


- Large enough adapter
- Impossibility of work without socket

Thus, it is clear that the column is very personal. “Mal, yes daring,” as they say. It will be useful to those who do not have home conditions that allow you to put a powerful 2.1 or 5.1 system, but you want to listen to loud music with bass. And also, it can be used in offices, at some trips, etc., where you need to listen to something. Cons, as already said - this is a somewhat heavy and massive adapter. And also the fact that listening to RHChP in nature, putting the SP-700 on a stump will not work, because there are no outlets in the woods. For the rest - the original, interesting, high-quality device.

PS You do not imagine how many vulgarities in the comments. And all on the same topic.

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