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PS3 hack using a calculator TI-84 Plus (video + link to the firmware)


No, this is not a “yellow” headline for attracting attention - despite its strangeness, the content of the post fully corresponds to the headline. Of course, all this looks like statements like “a schoolboy hacked into the president’s blog via a mobile phone,” but the sequel contains a video that we hope is not a fake. In general, one of the skilled craftsmen somehow managed to hack his own PS3 using the TI-84 Plus programmable calculator. Of course, the video cannot be considered 100% proof of hacking, however, if this is true, then this is really an EVENT - well, who and when hacked such modern devices with similar methods?

Let me remind you that the PS3 has already been hacked, and the corresponding device (flash drive with special software) is already sold at a price of one and a half hundred dollars. PS3 was hacked by hackers from Australia, where their company immediately began to check all anti-piracy committees there. As a result, sales of the device through the Web have been suspended, as was already written some time ago.
Honestly, I don’t know what is there with sales now - maybe they have already been resumed, but the way with a calculator is much more interesting. By the way, if you have a TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator, you can check the veracity of this information, because the hacker has uploaded the firmware for these calculators, which helps to hack such a device that is resistant to cracking. And all this is laid out absolutely free - well, just take it and use it. It’s a pity I don’t have a PS3 or a calculator of the corresponding model - I’d use it today.

Under the link given at the very end of the post, you can get directly to the page with the firmware and a detailed English-language description of hacking. In general, all this really seems to be true, and today it seems like not the first of April, right? We look and we are surprised.

And here is the long-awaited source !

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104059/

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