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Yahoo! updates your mailer


The management of the company Yahoo !, which in the last couple of years is going through hard times, announced its intention to change the interface and functionality of its mail service, Yahoo Mail. Despite the fact that in the spring of one of the leaders of Yahoo! He called Google's services inconvenient, the redesign is being done just to make Yahoo's own mailer more competitive - after all, Google Gmail and Microsoft Hotmail are very dangerous competitors. In addition, the corporation is going to socialize its email service, making it something of an average between the social network and Twitter.

The project of redesign of the postal system is so serious that it even received a new name - Minty. This new system, according to the management of the corporation, should make Yahoo Mail more popular not only among Americans, but also among users of other countries. Until now, Yahoo Mail didn’t have many users from other countries, because this service is rather “heavy”, that is, it requires a fairly wide channel to use it, and besides, many functions are still available there only for English-speaking users.
The corporation is going to refine these problems by making Yahoo! Mail open to everyone. In addition to the main portal, the mobile version will also be updated. Plus, there will be a new application package for smartphones and communicators, which the company is actively promoting.

It is worth noting that until now, the Yahoo Mail mail service is the number one mailer among free US services. In spite of any company problems, Yahoo Mail remains afloat. By the way, only last month 97 million unique visitors (not just Americans) took advantage of this service. Quite an interesting fact is that Yahoo Mail in the United States is more popular than the Gmail and Hotmail services, and not separately, but combined.

The company's management hopes that, thanks to the redesign, Yahoo Mail will have new users, and these users will be able to become part of the user's core of the entire Yahoo system! .. For this, the developers will “screw” the ability to send voice and video messages, the ability to export photos to third-party services , plus sending text and pictures to your blog via mail.

These are the plans of Yahoo!

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