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MTOG # 14


Greetings to all habra-community and congratulations on the next issue of the magazine More Than One Game . In this issue you will find an exclusive preview of the new add-on for Gish: Mobile , the first High Speed screenshots on iOS, a detailed review of the uniquely best multiplayer shooter - Archetype and much more. Of the innovations, we would like to mention a new section with games for Android, which many readers asked us to do.
Links to J2ME and PDF versions under the cat.

Official site
PDF version # 14:
issuu.com (online viewing)
Narod.Disk (7z)
Narod.Disk (zip)
webfile (7z)
webfile (zip)
webfile (pdf)
J2ME version # 14:
Full version (with pictures)
Lite version (without images)


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104056/

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