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Let's get acquainted, or a little about us

We welcome you on behalf of the company DevExpress.

In this post we will tell you about what our company does and about those who work in its Tula office.

Our goal

The main goal of DevExpress is to help users develop their applications, save them time, reduce total development costs, improve the quality and usability of applications, and generally make the world around us a little bit better and more comfortable.

To do this, we create sets of components that are most often required when developing final applications in a particular environment. We currently offer software component lines (DXperience) for .NET WinForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF and Delphi / CBuilder. In addition, we have developed development tools (CodeRush and Refactor!) And a business application development framework (XAF).
We strive to make our products as functional as possible and yet easy to use.
To make it easier for people to learn and use new components for them, we prepare documentation that contains not only descriptions of classes, their methods and properties, but also a lot of brief (and not so great) examples of the use of our products. Not the last place in the documentation is occupied by review articles that help to understand the general concepts of the construction and use of certain products.

Since it is impossible to reflect in the documentation all the variety of tasks solved by our users, we provide a constantly updated database of knowledge, examples and video tutorials related to our components.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for users to find answers to their questions neither in the documentation nor in other sources. In this case, our technical support service comes in, the main task of which is to answer the question in a short time, to help solve the user's problem, to reproduce the bug, finally. The only thing that the support service will not do for the user is that the application will not write for him entirely.

We make every effort to ensure that our users are able to reap the greatest benefits from the use of our products, so that working with us is pleasant and comfortable for them. We have been doing this for 12 years now, and for us there is no better reward than a short letter of thanks from the user, whose success hides our modest contribution.

Tula office

Historically, part of the company's management, marketing and evangelicals are concentrated in the USA. The development departments, technical support service, technical writers, designers and others work in the glorious city of Tula, famous for its gingerbread, samovars, Lefty and weapons.

Our team is young, most of those who have been working in the company since its foundation in 1998 have not yet exceeded 35 years. Then, at the very beginning, there were only four of us. Now the number of our employees has surely exceeded one hundred people.

We have never looked at experience, age, or education of people who came to get a job. If the candidate showed basic knowledge / skills in the field for which he is applying for a job - we always gave him a chance. And all those who were eager to create the best, create quickly, create quality, who wanted to achieve results, they all did not miss their chance.

We do not rate our employees either in the number of lines of written code or in the hours spent at the workplace. The only criterion for success is the result. If there is a result, and our most strict judges - our users - are happy with them, then the work is done as it should.

We are growing, learning, gaining experience, and changing our ideas about the beautiful. We remember about ourselves the unkind word of the bad person who wrote “this terrible code,” and then we look at the history of changes and find ourselves there. And correct, because we are ashamed to leave it as it is, ashamed in front of users, and in front of them.

Sometimes we work in the evenings and at night, in the office and from home. And the Timlides send the employees home, who came to the office with a temperature to fix the bugs before the release. We work hard, but do not deny ourselves to relax. We love to play football, swim in the pool, take a parachute jump and just chat in good company.

We like our work and we love to do it conscientiously.

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