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What and how to learn to become a manager?

The first video about what and why managers do not learn was unexpectedly popular. During the first day it gained 8.000 views, and at the time of publication of this topic about 9.500 views, according to Yandex.Video statistics , not bad at all!

Next up is the second video. Let's say right away that we did not have time to take into account all the comments that were made on the format - the second video at that time was already edited. But the podcast, as promised, still posted. Moreover, something with a strange format - we look much more elegant than it actually is (especially me :)) However, we decided how to keep the video unknown how much in the finishing touch is wrong. Benefit should come as soon as possible. And we will finalize the format.

Download mp3-file (28.4 Mb / 20: 38 MP3, 192 kbps)

20 minutes for self-development, from which you will learn:
  1. How to understand whether you are ready to be a manager or not yet? What issues are worth working on?
  2. How many books does Glory Pankratov read per year (this is Orlov making fun of me)
  3. How to choose books and audio books for study
  4. A simple way to get out of the "cycle manager"
  5. What are communication windows and how to create them in practice

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