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Industrial Revolution: 3D printing in the interior of the house

Today we will talk about a rather interesting and exclusive method of using 3D printing .
Imagine that you became the happy owner of a new apartment and made a modern renovation there, or bought the house of your dreams. And here comes the moment when you need to choose interior items that will please the eye every day.

The interior of the house is self-expression. Psychologists say that a favorably furnished room or house significantly affects the mood and success of the person living there. So, it is worth a very careful approach to the choice of interior. In addition, who sometimes do not want to buy some exclusive thing and harmoniously weave it into the atmosphere of your home.

But let's digress from home comfort and remember how during our travels we admire the architectural sights of different countries.
* - photos taken from sites: www.svali.ru; www.botinok.co.il .

Now imagine that the guest room in your house is decorated in French style. The furniture is matched in style and color, harmony and elegance pleases the eye, but I really want to add a highlight to this design. New technologies allow you to do this without much difficulty: all you need is to take a picture from different angles, for example, the Eiffel Tower, and then use the services of this site . As a result of these simple actions you get a 3D model of your favorite sights, as was done on the site with the Arc de Triomphe.

And then you can refer to the i.materialise website to create an exclusive detail of your interior (for example, a night lamp in the shape of the Eiffel Tower), or use the finished products of such famous designers as Lux Merx, Basseba Grossmann , Patrick Dzhuin (Patrick Jouin). Partially familiar with their work in the article Art of 3D Printing .

* - photos taken from www.absolumentdesign.com

Thus, you can order a coffee table in the form of the Triumphal Arch, a stand for umbrellas in the form of a Mayan pyramid, or a salt shaker in the form of a small Aztec pyramid with a high level of detail.

Indeed, in our time, with the possibilities of 3D printing and computer equipment, your possibilities are almost endless.

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