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Report from the Moscow Book Fair 2010

Moscow International Book Fair finally approved other "book" gadgets, in addition to printing presses. This year, there was a special section “BookBayt”, dominated by reader manufacturers and content providers. And the participants were enough to talk about some tendencies and general moods.

OZON showed its first branded reader Ozon Galaxy. Modest and let's say honestly recognizable model. But it hides in itself a real bomb - a 3G module from MTS with the possibility of direct free access to the OZON pages.
Another bomb was collected by Vobis and Spring Design, preparing an analogue of Nook Barnes & Noble, Highscreen Alex. The two-screen reader for Andriod is a new stage of evolution, the “webbook”. It is practically interactive and hyperlinked, perfectly adapted to Russian realities, but it still lacks a 3G module.

PocketBook was modest, having staged a premiere of a line of six readers on the IFA in Berlin. And in Moscow they showed only an electronic textbook PocketBook Education.

Technical characteristics of gadgets - in the material "Reading with relief . "

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103999/

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