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Adobe's response to Apple's new rules

Apple didn’t have time to publish new rules for creating apps for iOS, as the long-awaited reaction from Adobe appeared, which experts called Apple’s solution “great news for developers”.

In short, the story is this: in April, Apple banned developers using Flash technology to create iOS applications, followed by Adobe’s statement that they would stop investing in the Flash CS 5 project, which allows developers to create Flash applications for the iOS platform.

Now, after Apple has softened the conditions, Adobe will continue to develop the project. Here is a quote from Adobe: “Apple announced that they would remove restrictions for developers using third-party tools, which directly affects Adobe Packager for the iPhone, a tool for professional publishing Flash. This tool was designed to allow flash developers to quickly and easily create iOS applications. This feature is already available to developers in Flash Professional CS5 and we will continue to work on the functionality of this tool in future releases. ”

Of course, there is no flash inside the browser on iOS devices yet and is not planned, at least in the near future. Adobe confirms that Apple’s ban on using Flash inside the browser is still in force. But still, Flash can now be used to develop applications for iOS - this is great news, especially knowing that the technology is supported by Adobe and the applications created will not be deleted by Apple.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103986/

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