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Issue 2: Cisco ROI Finalists are welcome in our incubator

The ANX business incubator supports the “Result from Innovations” competition and announces a special prize for participants: a startup with Cisco ROI will be able to work in an incubator. We will choose the project you like from among the finalists, regardless of the final place, and his team will become our full-fledged resident. She will use free opportunities on a par with the projects that are “settled” in the incubator on the application for the main competition.

On the one hand, one project will come to us as if “out of competition”; on the other hand, for this, he will have to prove himself at the event from our partners. Why is that?

Start-ups applying for ROI already automatically meet several requirements of our business platform: they are working on them, a prototype has been created and there is a backbone of the team. And all of them will certainly be innovative. And this is one of the key criteria that we set before the candidates for the Academy's business incubator.
At the same time, reservation of space for a project with Cisco ROI will not affect the participants of the main competition in the Academy's business incubator, applications for which are accepted until September 20 inclusively. We will select on it all the same number of startups that we planned.

You can declare your development on Cisco ROI until October 15. By this time, the composition of the main pool of projects that have become residents of the ANX incubator has already been determined. So, those who do not have time to submit an application on our website or lose a little at the qualifying competition of the ANH incubator will still be able to apply for resident status.

We will call the newcomer to our business platform simultaneously with the announcement of the winner “Result from Innovations” on October 29 at the Cisco Expo-2010 conference.

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