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Winner of the TrueVDS Grant Competition - VDS is truly true


Habr, hello!

Reporting by voice - ScaleModels.ru , the winner of the grant competition from TrueVDS REALLY moved to a new free server for a year.
Here I could write (or insert the text of a cheap copywriter) what a cool website we are, what good we are, etc. - but I will not. We are just a community of "glueing people of tanks / airplanes / figures" for our pleasure ;-)

On behalf of the administration of our site, I want to express a great human thanks to TrueVDS for providing the piece of hardware and invaluable assistance in server transfer and optimization tips. The company has completely fulfilled its promises at the moment, and I would even say - I have exceeded it.

Thanks for attention!

PS "Well, you are this ... come in - if that" (c) Once upon a time there was a dog

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