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Site Memory Button

From the very beginning, we faced one challenge - to help users easily remember everything they like. It turned out that most users like to save information from web pages - this is the most popular type of notes in Evernote. So today we want to announce one new product, which should make copying web pages to Evernote more convenient.

For the first time, we are introducing a feature designed specifically for site owners. It's called Evernote Site Memory, and we hope you enjoy it.

What is the Site Memory button?

The Site Memory button is a mini version of Evernote on your pages. As the name implies, the button, in fact, opens for the site the functionality of adding to favorites without any effort on your part. If you have a blog, a news resource, an online store or a corporate website, you should like Site Memory. Here is what he gives you:

1. Full copy control

By placing a Site Memory button on your site, you can manage the content that users save to their Evernote accounts. You can customize the button the way you want, including specifying a fragment of the page to be copied, as well as the name of the resulting note. You can suggest tags that fit the new note, as well as a notebook, in which it is better to copy it. You can also configure automatic substitution of the header and footer of the page, as well as links and properties. In other words, you can make the information saved from the site look perfect.
An extended description of the customization options is available in the corresponding section of the developer documentation .

2. The whole history of saving pages from your site

When a visitor clicks on the Site Memory button, a pop-up window opens. This window has two functions. First, as already mentioned, it allows users to save the page. Secondly, and, perhaps, this is the most interesting, it shows to visitors all the content that they have ever copied from this domain. They can view a list of favorite notes from your site — in fact, a full-featured favorites folder. Even those notes that were taken using the Evernote browser extensions before installing the Site Memory button will be shown in this list. When users find the note they are looking for, they click on it and go to the source page.

3. Possible earnings

The first thing a user must do when he first clicks on the Site Memory button is to log in to Evernote. If he is not yet registered with the service, he will be asked to do it right out of the window (confirmation by e-mail is not required).

As you know, Evernote is a free service, and we are quite pleased that people have been using it for many years without any payments. However, many of our active users decide to apply for a premium subscription. If someone from the people who registered on the service through Site Memory, subsequently buys a premium account, we will list the first $ 10 earned to the site owner. This is fair. To take advantage of this opportunity you need to join our affiliate program .

Please note that in order to deliver Evernote Site Memory, it is not necessary to join this program.

4. We will promote you

Every few weeks we plan to cover the most popular sites among our users with the Site Memory button installed through our media channels. The site will receive a constant influx of new users from Evernote, who will want to know who we are so noisy about.

Copy = Loyalty

Take a closer look at your notes copied from the Internet, and you will probably find that most of them are from a small group of sites. Saving web pages is a sign of user endorsement of content. You like content. You want to remember it. You save it. You will return to the site in the future. Evernote Site Memory is a good addition to buttons offering to share information with friends (Facebook Like or Tweet Button). They allow you to attract more readers, while Evernote promotes long-term relationships with readers.

Your Site Memory button

Now you know almost everything about Site Memory and can install it for your site here . Here are more links to installation instructions on WordPress and Tumblr .

If you want to try Site Memory yourself, visit the site of the pioneers of the Site Memory program in Russia - our friends Unova.ru

We are interested in what you think about Site Memory. And if you install Site Memory on your site, please tell us about it by giving a link in the comments.

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