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The conservatory is rotten, and the mice of non-professionalism gnaw the remnants

Interesting posts were written earlier by 2 fellow countrymen stepan_ovchinnikov and skaizer , relative to the conservatory. One suggested correcting something in it, the second one stated that it’s not worth touching, colleague, everything will correct itself . But the matter to music, as everyone understood, had nothing to do. The Conservatory (although some kind of a conservatory here, rather, the primary classes of a music school) is an allegory for regional ones, so far to go - to the Volgograd market. The funny thing is that both users are representatives of slightly different segments by the number of studios, but they have almost the same market niche. One venerable Gandir. “The leader of the Volgograd web,” the second, also a general, did not build a business for the sake of business, but everything grew out of his hobby. One big studio, the other almost average. But the problems of all turned out to be almost the same - lack of professionalism and dumping by non-professionals. And they both called it the problems of the Volgograd (Russian) web, but are they so global problems, and are they problems? In my opinion - such problems - clearly bypass professional web studios.

Two articles talk about the low threshold of entry and freelancers, and even one excuse - they say yes, we were like that - it was a hobby to get together after the university and make websites, and now we have grown up, become solid guys and a studio, but here are the problems remained - at the same level. Utter nonsense. Is it possible to write a professional studio that provides services for the development of web sites, which has been running steadily for at least 2-3 years. Stable - this is not rented an office and we sit together or three, we keep designers and programmers on freelance, and the office is respectable, the client will believe what we are tough and will entrust their money. No, stable - this is when a well-coordinated team normally works - programmers, designers, managers, SEOs. This is when - designers are divided into technical designer, illustrator, interface designer, icon designer. And managers can grow into sales managers or designers into art directors. When not one freelancer-manager-general director is working on a site - a station wagon, and when a well-coordinated team works. When a client is told about the ideas of the site, he understands the word “sketch” and concept, and also sees the teamwork on the site, and not the program manager and his friend-designer. And absolutely it is - not when he draws several options, and then poke into the contract, such as we have drawn something that corresponds to the general words of the CT, and now either pay or accept. And not even when - they say that in 30 they will do what is being done in 100. This is all completely different. This likens studios to freelancers — when the work of a team is rated as the work of one person.

Well, now about the problems - it was difficult to distinguish them clearly from both articles, rather, the articles were narrative in nature. But if you still try - then I saw one - lack of professionalism around and thought out another, resulting - dumping by non-professionals, and as a result - leaving for them clients.
The author of the first article complained that his colleagues in the market did not provide a manual, made a website for WordPress and did not host it, and he had to rake everything. Is it a problem - hardly. In a region in which people do not understand what is good and what is bad, this is the norm. Why don't they understand? The matter is not at all in education, as the author of the second article argues and free seminars here are not a panacea for this almost incurable disease. Indeed, the seminars are not conducted by studios that are included in the tagline rating or the winners of authoritative contests, like WebHitech. What can such teachers teach? I think that they will not be able to teach the question - what is good and what is bad. Maximum - to tell about the fact that such a site, using Wikipedia or their own experience. But this is encyclopedic information; it does not carry opinions or training. And to carry, you need to listen to professonalov. Professional designers, drawing beautiful sites, tech sites. Professional programmers telling about new technologies and beautiful solutions, and not advertising another boxed cms. Professional managers, telling about the right interaction with customers. It is absolutely necessary to listen and learn - yes, at first, not ordinary citizens, but at least by that very gene-com. Dirs, who universal and continue to justify their mistakes with youth, low threshold of entry into the market and the lack of professionalism of others. It's like a log and a mote - we can scold everyone around us, but we ourselves are good. It may be that the low price threshold for entry and students — hardly — a recognized professional is not hindered by a student who is ripping on WordPress sites for dinner at McDuck. The professional and the student think in different price categories in assessing their work, and the quality of them is strikingly different.

Therefore, everything is so terrible on the part of the client, because the eyes run up when choosing studios, and no one can tell a good one. And what is good - is it that she has worked 10 years on the market with a large portfolio? Since there is a comparison with music, you can create a group and exist for 20 years, write 4-5 songs per month, and write the best hit in the 25th year and for all you will be a new group. The whole point of the situation is different - you can not write a hit, but the life time counter still drips, music albums are more than enough, and all this is by no means a cause for pride. All these pseudo-professionals, with a full portfolio, and as a result ignored even by a small-town competition, all these former students-freelancers with ties, in rented leather chairs - whom to choose? Why do some people have 30, and others have 100. Yes, because professionalism is when you yourself, being a professional with experience, you recruit and train people for your studio, and then you enter the market and the market for improvements that weep about the budgets of customers who donate the last a nickle for a business card site is not your market. You know your value and you know how much your work is worth. And there is clearly not a low price threshold for entry, the threshold for entry and cultivation of such studios and professionals is clearly higher. After all, an umbrella from Gucci is clearly more expensive than an umbrella from the Chinese market. But if you think like a person who does work for those who buy the latter, then you find so many problems around you that they seem to be global, and there are clearly more than 10 steps to solve them.

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