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The ideal expert or horoscopes in the service of ERP

Have you ever tried to do a system analysis of horoscopes? I tried and found that all these tips are given by Captain Obvious and they are of a universally recommendatory nature.
For example: Habromous today is to make an effort to successfully complete the work begun, it can bring success, but beware of possible accidents, especially after lunch.

Let us examine this example. On Friday, it is very good to finish the planned stage of work in order to relax with a calm conscience. And behave carefully on the roads - it is always important.

So, one day a single owner of a large company wanted an ERP for himself. But not simple, like everyone else, but which really helps to manage the enterprise. Enter the numbers in it - and she tells you what to do.
It would seem that the idea is not real, but ... I remembered for the program for generating horoscopes. Only instead of the days of the week, I was interested in the variance of the numbers entered, or rather, the profit (or loss) of the company at the data entry stage.

If the company came out with a profit, the program gave out something: A strategy to strengthen the main segments of influence was chosen successfully. It is recommended to focus on getting new directions.
And if there was a loss, then: It is likely that competitors in the sales department introduced their own person conducting the sabotage method of work. It is recommended to strengthen the control.

After half a year at the company, everyone knew that the owner has a miracle program that can predict the future, dismiss bad employees, point out shortcomings and even, about a miracle, advise on the company's birthday: Today is the right moment for a corporate event in which all employees must be involved.

Of course, the date of the creation of the company was driven into the program, but that's not the point. The company already exists for the sixth year and it is very successful. It would seem a paradox - to entrust the management of a random number generator?

However, the very psychological fact that there is a program that can calculate bad faith or laziness, the risk of being dismissed in front of all-powerful computer intelligence, acts on employees hypnotically, keeping them in a constant tone.

Have you ever written something ambitious, based on a random number generator?

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