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HDR video using two 5D Mark II

From the translator: I will explain why this topic is interesting to me. First, I myself once engaged in HDR photography. And secondly, when the SLRs began to shoot a video, I was amazed how a professional full-frame SLR with a set of good lenses can tear professional video cameras. Now they have combined it: they made a video with two mirrors and made HDR from it. I think it is worthy to translate and show you ...


Are you ready for the wave of HDR to hit the consumer electronics industry, leaving nothing in the wake except for oversaturated photos and groups that were driven to the limit in Flickr? We have such a vague suspicion that the fact that Apple has included HDR in your iPhone is one of those talking symptoms that you ignore at your own peril and risk, and now we also have HDR video to cover the current generation of fast-paced devices. As you can expect, HDR video looks exactly the same as HDR photos (underexposed and overexposed images combined into one), but only in motion. This effect was achieved by Soviet Montage Productions, which used two Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR cameras and a beam splitter, which allows each camera to see exactly the same object. They talk a little about the details of the post-processing, but we are sure that there will be an “application that does this” soon.
Let's see what came of it.

I'd add that translating to become from Engadget is a bit more stressful than from somewhere else - they painfully like to speak in non-standard language using a large number of idioms. So do not judge, if anything ...

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