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Media player with stuffing

Perhaps now you will not surprise anyone with a media player. Their diversity is increasing every day. There are also with HDD and without, and with support for Lan and without, in general, for every taste. But today, let's talk about the standard representative of this clan of video-playing devices.

Consider it literally from all sides and even dissect.

Before us - Egreat EG-R2A. I will begin, perhaps, with the general. Equipment.

In addition to the player, the package includes:

It is a bit strange that there was no standard wire with RCA connectors in the kit, because not all TVs can connect via HDMI yet.

The device itself has such characteristics.


This media player, unlike many of its fellows, is not a rectangle, but a square with rounded edges. At a height of about 5 cm, on rubber feet, glossy (alas), it will stand firmly, allowing you to enjoy the video.

There is a USB hub and an eSata connector in the front, so you can safely move the player to the wall and not be bothered with how to stick a USB flash drive or plug in a hard disk. Also, on the front is the infrared port and the indicator of the player. The side panels are pristine clean, but the back contains various interfaces.

Here are: Lan, HDMI, composite, Optical, USB 2.0, and of course, the connector for the power of this "box".
To make it clearer with all sorts of connectors, which one and where, I will give such a simple scheme:

As you can see, there are no buttons other than On / Off on the case, so all actions are performed only from the remote. It is no different from the consoles of the rest of the same devices. All the same buttons, except that the location may be different.


The first thing that surprised after opening the package is that the player is disassembled, and the cogs lie separately.

This is done so that you can immediately insert the 3.5 ”SATA HDD inside, which, unfortunately, is not supplied. but powerful enough for cooler speed.

Menu and playback

As in every normal player, there is a certain menu with various items. Let's sort a few of them. The design, of course, is not 5+, but still, happiness is not in the interface.
I apologize for the images, because There is no built-in application for taking screenshots, and the photos from the TV are not very successful due to flicker.

So, the main menu:

The audio looks exactly like this. As you can see, you can play from many sources.

I liked the function of copying the file. You can insert a USB flash drive, copy it to your hard disk and watch without hurting your USB drive.

In the settings there are many additional "chips" and tweaks, for example, the brightness of the screen, sound quality, etc.

Well, where are we in a network player, in fact, without Internet resources? Nowhere! Here you’ll have RSS, a weather service, Picasa, and a video search.

Well, in the Internet channels is Youtube and 2 more incomprehensible online player, in which I have not found anything interesting.

And here is what akosarev said:
YouKu is a Chinese equivalent of YouTube, one of the most popular sites on the Chinese Internet. It differs in that there is full of unlicensed content. Maybe it is removed, but not as fast as in other places.
The site is good because there you can find movies from English. sound track and whale. subtitles that you can not watch while watching ...

As for the formats, I checked all those declared in the performance characteristics, everything is exactly that. Loses without brakes and conventional and HD movies. I tried several self-made MKV files, only one did not go, although it started on the PC using Media Player Classic, but somehow it was hanging.

Also, of course, tested music and Internet video. Well, what can I say, the sound is really Dolby Digital, but this, of course, if you connect the speakers to the player, and not listen through TV.
Playing the same Youtube and others like it will depend more on the speed of the Internet than on the properties of the player.

Quality, as befits a player of this level - at the height. Of course, a rather strange menu, but as far as playback is concerned - no glitches or brakes. Even surprisingly, almost all subtitles were picked up, even custom ones.

Regarding the torrents clarified the situation linx56 :

I have this, only the previous generation R1. Torrent client is installed firmware upgrade. There is a Debian clone inside and an ARM process. Open telnet for root. You can dig :)

With a torrent - so. My speed is not so hot in ADSL, about 5-6 megabits, but about five films of 1.3Gb DVD-Rip for the night, if there are seeds. Does not hang, gives good. Web-muzzle allows you to download torrent-files.

Bonus: an IDE-USB adapter is bought for $ 10 on ebay, an old DVD-ROM is trimmed and voila :) you can play everything from the discs itself, because there are a lot of Nix and firewood in the bundle.



+ Design
+ Sound
+ Play and multi-format


- Small equipment
- Menu

In my opinion - this is a pretty good model. No worse and no better than their counterparts in the shop. I am glad that it can be installed inside the HDD, as well as the abundance of connectors and connectivity. And also the fact that almost all formats are played. I think that for the price around 4000 p. - This is a decent copy of an HD player, especially if you connect it to a widescreen TV and get a powerful media center.

PS Found that the player comes in two colors: black and white. This will allow everyone to choose the color that fits more into the interior.

Egreat EG-R2A Market

Have a great weekend!

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